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Windscreen replacement for your Peugeot iOn

The first of its kind. A revolutionary car. A type the world was waiting for. And at the same time the iOn was razed to the ground internationally and this was called PSA's biggest mistake. What is the truth? The Peugeot iOn hasn't become a sales success, but is one of the first mass-produced electric cars. But nobody could agree on the price tag.

If the windscreen of your Peugeot iOn needs to be replaced, you can order new windscreens via the after market at attractive prices. But before we go any further into replacing the windscreen, we dive into the exciting history of the car that it just was not.

The Peugeot i-MiEV - excuse - iOn

Peugeot has always been a car manufacturer of collaborations (whether or not under the flag of PSA itself). And here we find another collaboration, which Peugeot has once again dealt with without inspiration. Let's start at the beginning: the Peugeot iOn is a copy of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV that has been on the Japanese market since 2009. Peugeot took over the model, made some minor adjustments and patched the car, replacing all Mitsubishi logos with those of Peugeot.

then thought that this was very easy. And the French did it again with the Citroën C-Zero. Again a few minor adjustments and replacing all logos, but by now PSA already knew exactly where they were.

Praise and criticism at the introduction

When the trinity was first produced, it was one of the first all-electric cars to be mass-produced. This was very praiseworthy, because people waited a long time for those electric cars for Joe Public
that the car manufacturers were constantly talking about.

Only Joe Public could never pay the Peugeot iOn. And if he could, he probably chose a Volvo XC60 or a BMW 5-series that had exactly the same price. So let's not have an electric car for a while when the price is so high.

The price is often cited as the big problem, but that's only half the truth. The car had many more problems. In city traffic the iOn did exactly what it had to do. Fast acceleration, good response and with a turning radius of 9 meters, turning the street is almost unnecessary. Parking? No problem with the limited size of the car.

But if you take the iOn to the highway or a roundabout, you'll notice that the centrally placed engine and rear wheel drive create imbalance and low comfort, especially because this EV has narrow tires (with an eye on rolling resistance of course). Reviewers worldwide also complained about the excessive noise at higher speeds, something that was not expected from an electric car.

Also the range of the car (only 150 kilometers) doesn't make it a favourite with the general public. Just like the problems in the corners, because the grip was lost due to the height of the iOn versus the narrow tires.

No sales success - is it?

The iOn is called a car for a temperate climate where no air conditioning or heating is needed. Otherwise, you'll be out of range before you get out of town. But at the time of launch, most models had already been sold before they reached the dealer. How is that possible? It is one of the first electric cars to have been produced so widely and was therefore immediately popular with governments, companies and people who live in a very environmentally conscious way.

Or, as Danska Bilmagasinet (Danish Automagazine) wrote directly at the time of the launch:

'If you're the type to lie in a sleeping bag in front of Apple stores for the latest phone or an environmental hippie who can't do without a car, then the Peugeot iOn is the right choice for you.'

Thanks to the high new price of the car, it never caught on with the general public, so these three models seem to be primarily intended to pave the way for future generations of EVs.

When should the windscreen of the Peugeot iOn be replaced?

The windscreen of the Peugeot iOn needs to be replaced when it no longer meets the requirements. If we look at the rules of the Dutch National road traffic authority ('RDW'), this means that a branched crack or asterisk with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres in the driver's field of vision is not allowed. This means that not all car window damage is reason enough to replace the windscreen immediately.

Do you have window damage in the windscreen, but is the scope still limited? Keep an eye on this. In case of large temperature differences or vibrations, the windscreen can tear further after which the windscreen must be replaced immediately.

Can I replace the windscreen of the Peugeot iOn myself?

Do you need to replace the windscreen, but are you not insured? Then there is a good chance that you want to save on costs. However, you do not do this by fitting the windscreen yourself. Installing a new windscreen is a job for the experts. If the windscreen is not fitted correctly, it can leak or come loose when braking abruptly.

Do you want to replace the car window yourself? This is possible, but only when it comes to side windows or windows in rubber. This is not the case with the Peugeot iOn, the Citroën C-Zero or the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. If you choose our windscreens, an experienced certified fitting partner will install the new windscreen within three working days. Are you in a hurry? Then you can place an urgent order, after which the windscreen will be replaced within 24 hours.

Where can I find a cheap windscreen for my Peugeot iOn?

A cheap windscreen can be found on the after market. The windscreens at the PSA dealer are much more expensive because they have a brand logo. The average second-hand car window also has a brand logo, which makes it more expensive than our new car windows.

After market automotive glass does not have a brand logo, because this logo does nothing for your windscreen. Our windscreens are made in the factories where the branded windows are also manufactured and they meet exactly the same requirements. This way you can be sure that you are choosing the best price/quality ratio with the after market windscreens.

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Windscreen for the Peugeot iOn

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Windscreen moulding for the Peugeot iOn

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Replacing your Peugeot iOn windscreen directly?

Does the windscreen of your Peugeot iOn need to be replaced? Or do you have a second-hand car in mind with window damage and would you like to have it repaired immediately? With us you will find attractively priced windscreens for every car. Always within three working days placed on location, but also to order without installation when you want to do this yourself.

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