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Windscreen replacement for your Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207 is the successor of two very popular models and has itself become a reasonable success. You will notice this when your Peugeot 207 need a windscreen replacement. There are many parts and models on the second-hand market. But that's not where you'll find a new windscreen for your Peugeot 207 when value for money is paramount. Before we look at the possibilities on the after market, we look at the success of the model that has been disappointing for a very special reason.

The Peugeot 207, a successor in an illustrious line

Peugeot managed to turn the tide with the Peugeot 205 and finally came back in the green figures. This was necessary because the takeover of Citroën and Chrysler had not directly led to the successes that the French were hoping for. The 205 was a success and the successor in the form of the Peugeot 206 was also a resounding success. In fact, the latter model is the most sold French car in the Netherlands ever.

It was in this spirit that the Peugeot 207 was set up. The introduction in 2006, however, immediately brought with it a special surprise. The sales figures of the Peugeot 206 did not decrease when the new model was placed on the market. In fact, Peugeot saw that the 206 remained such a great success that it decided to carry out a radical facelift and bring the Peugeot 206+ onto the market. Next to the Peugeot 207, which could never have been a great success because of this.

So what did the Peugeot 207 actually bring us?

The Peugeot 207 was especially larger than the Peugeot 206. The extra 20 centimetres in length and the wheelbase that is 8 centimetres longer are mainly due to the suspension that is shared with the Citroën C3. Like its predecessors, the 207 was available as a three-door and five-door model. A station wagon (SW) and CC version of the 207 were also launched on the market.

The Peugeot 207 didn't fail completely. Despite the criticism on the relatively high weight (1250 kilograms for the basic version) and the criticism on the interior, this was the model that sold best in the Netherlands in 2007. The car was also received with mixed feelings in Great Britain, but the model also sold very well in the introduction year.

Only then did sales decrease, because it became clear that Peugeot kept the 206 in production and would continue with this in terms of development.

Facelift and the engines

A remarkable achievement of the Peugeot 207 is that it collaborated with BMW to add a number of special petrol engines to the models. All petrol engines with the extension 'THP' were made in collaboration with BMW. These engines have received a lot of criticism because of the higher fuel consumption. All diesel engines have been developed by Peugeot itself and have also been used in other models of the French car manufacturer.

In 2009 a facelift was carried out to make the model more attractive. The choice was made for LED lighting in the rear lights and the cars got more power. There was no real success. The 2,162,370 cars sold in Europe stand out from the 4,581,799 copies of the Peugeot 206. Even the Peugeot 208 scores better at the moment, despite the fact that it has had far fewer production years.

The station wagon (SW) and CC version of the Peugeot 207 are still being sold in 2019. The other models were taken out of production in 2014. The 207 was succeeded by the Peugeot 208, which seems to be an immediate success.

When should the windscreen of a Peugeot 207 be replaced?

Car window replacement is not always necessary if your Peugeot 207 is damaged. However, it is important to pay attention when it comes to the windscreen, especially when it comes to damage to the driver's field of vision. If there is windscreen damage here, it is time to consult the handbook of the national road traffic authority (which is called RDW in the Netherlands).

This states that asterisks in the windscreen are allowed, as long as they are not larger than 20 millimetres when they are present in the driver's field of vision. Cracks are also permitted, as long as there are no branched cracks in the driver's field of vision. Does the windscreen have a crack in the outer layer that crosses a crack in the inner layer? In that case, this is also regarded as a branched crack.

How can I cheaply replace the windscreen of my Peugeot 207?

Many copies of the Peugeot 207 have been sold, so there are more options than with an average Peugeot model. But while it may seem attractive to look directly at a second-hand car window, this is not where you'll find the best value for money.

This has everything to do with the brand logo in the windscreen. Because of the high new price of the branded windows, the second-hand car windows are often still much more expensive than the after market car windows.

Why are after market car windows an attractive choice for a Peugeot 207?

The best value for money can be found in the after market car windows. These car windows do not have a brand logo, so they may not only be sold by the brand dealers. The after market windscreens for the Peugeot 207 are often made in the same factories as the brand glass and meet identical requirements.

The only differences are the price and the brand logo. And since the brand logo literally does nothing for the window, this is something you can do without.

What does a new Peugeot 207 windscreen cost?

Windscreen Peugeot 207, green tinted, acoustic

€ 159.00

Windscreen Peugeot 207, green tinted, acoustic, with rain sensor

€ 179.00

Windscreen Peugeot 207, purple coated, rain sensor

€ 359.00

Windscreen Peugeot 207 CC, green tinted with rain sensor

€ 289.00

Windscreen Peugeot 207 CC, green tinted with antenna and rain sensor

€ 329.00

Above mentioned prices are exclusive of delivery and exclusive of fitting. For the first option the price is € 259 for the windscreen including delivery and fitting within the Netherlands.

Can I replace the windscreen of my Peugeot 207 myself?

Only when you have a lot of experience with this, you can replace the windscreen of your Peugeot 207 yourself. If you are a mechanic or garage owner, you can always order the car windows online without installation. If you wish, you can pick them up yourself.

Are you not a mechanic and do you have no experience in replacing windscreens? Then please leave the work to our certified fitting partners who will be happy to do it for you on site.

Would you like to order a new windscreen for a Peugeot 207?

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