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Windscreen replacement for your Peugeot Bipper

"Small and at the same time big. The slogan of the Peugeot Bipper is not the most inspiring slogan for the car enthusiast, but this much-discussed model has without a doubt found its way to the fleets. If you need a windscreen replacement for the Peugeot Bipper, you can go to the after market. For only € 139 you have a new Peugeot Bipper windscreen, which is also suitable for the Fiat Fiorino and the Citroën Nemo.

Before we go into the possibilities on the after market, we look at this special model where the pros and cons have played a major role.

The Peugeot Bipper, again badge engineering

hasn't had it easy in the current millennium. High costs and a declining market share have meant that new solutions had to be found. The solution: badge engineering.
In concrete terms, this is not much more than creating one model and changing the logos to make a different model, whether or not in cooperation with other car manufacturers.

This has also been the case with the Peugeot Bipper. In this case it is a collaboration between PSA and Fiat, from which three models were born. The Peugeot Bipper, the Citroën Nemo and the Fiat Fiorino. All models are available in different variants, but the idea has always remained the same. A small car with a lot of loading space. And in the case of Peugeot especially a low price, which has resulted in a grandiose loss of comfort and performance.

Small delivery vans were very much in vogue at the time these models were introduced. Companies were eager for smaller delivery vans, which were easier to use in the cities. But of course it was not allowed to sacrifice the loadspace, because that is the most important point with these models.

PSA took that up well. The loadspace is only 152 centimetres long, but the passenger seat can be folded away so that there is more room for longer loads. An extra luggage hatch is used in the partition wall behind the seats. Please note that this is optional and is not available in the standard version of the Peugeot Bipper. It remains PSA of course.

From that point, we'll end up in a stream of conspicuous failures. The standard version of the driver's seat, for example, is not adjustable in height. And the steering wheel isn't either. The interior has been described by many critics as at most Spartan and here too we recognize the name of Peugeot. Of course this is also one of Peugeot's models where the passenger's airbag costs extra, just like models like the Peugeot Boxer.

Spacious space for luggage is a great advantage, but because PSA opted for a smaller model, the maximum loading weight of 600 kilos is extremely limited. This type can also be used in the city, but road holding and comfort are less than moderate outside the cities, especially when the roads are not completely flat.

The Peugeot Bipper Tepee

The Peugeot Bipper Tepee had to turn the tide for Peugeot. Especially by not being a company car, but a family car:

This model has been released under two names: Peugeot Bipper Tepee and Peugeot Bipper Kombi. Again, this is a smaller car with a lot of space for the passengers. The sliding doors have been retained to make it possible to get in and out of the car even in tight parking spaces. With five seats there is still 356 litres of boot space. With the seats down, this is a generous 884 litres. This type can still be used as a city car thanks to its limited size and the turning circle that has remained under ten metres.

This type is available with two different engines. The first option is the 1.4 litre petrol with 75 hp, the second is the 1.4 litre HDi diesel with 70 hp. Both engines are environmentally friendly options with lower than average emissions.

Since this is again badge engineering, the Peugeot Bipper Tepee came on the market together with the variants of the Citroën and Fiat.

The success of the Peugeot Bipper

Although the Peugeot Bipper was placed in an attractive market, its success was not possible because the version of PSA was simply too weak. In Europe, the Bipper was just sold 40,000 times. This made it the worst model in this badge engineering on the European market. Both the Fiat and the Citroën scored better.

When should the Peugeot Bipper windscreen be replaced?

A crack in the windscreen is not always reason to look for a new windscreen. According to the law, there are two situations in which a broken windscreen has to be replaced. These are car window damage in the driver's field of vision, in which case:

  1. This is a chip or asterisk with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres
  2. This is a branched crack

Do you have window damage in the driver's field of vision but is the size still limited? Then you don't need to have your windscreen replaced immediately. However, it is wise to keep an eye on the extent of the windscreen damage. Due to large temperature differences, the windscreen can tear further, after which the windscreen has to be replaced.

Can I replace the windscreen of my Peugeot Bipper myself?

If you are not sure, the answer is by definition a resounding no. Replacing windscreens is a job for the experts. If you have no experience with car window replacement, you cannot replace the windscreen of your Peugeot Bipper correctly. The windscreen can then come loose during abrupt braking and can leak in particularly annoying places.

However, are you a car mechanic or garage owner and would you like to install the windscreen yourself in a Peugeot Bipper? Then you can order the new windscreens from us without fitting. If you wish, you can even pick them up from us.

What does a new windscreen cost for the Peugeot Bipper?

For € 139 you have a new windscreen for the Peugeot Bipper. These windscreens are also suitable for the Citroën Nemo and the Fiat Fiorino, as the biggest difference between all models are the logos. If you would like to order the windscreen including delivery and fitting in the Netherlands, the total costs are only € 269.

Suitable for:


Windscreen for the Peugeot Bipper

€ 139.00

Windscreen moulding for the Peugeot Bipper

€ 30.00

Optional fitting on-site:

€ 100.00 (NL) - €130.00 (BE)

This is much cheaper than the windscreens at your Peugeot dealer and often second-hand car windows are even more expensive than our after market car windows. This has to do with the brand logo that is used in the brand glass, but this is not the case with after market automotive glass. Because no brand logo is used - but the quality is identical to brand windows - the price/quality ratio of our Peugeot Bipper windscreens is the best you can find online.

Where can I have my Peugeot Bipper windscreen replaced?

Our certified fitting partners install windscreens on-site. It is no problem to replace the car window on-site, even if you actually need the company car or Tepee that day.  You indicate at which location the windscreen can be replaced, our fitting partners do the rest.

Replacing the windscreen of your Peugeot Bipper immediately

If the windscreen of your Peugeot Bipper needs to be replaced, then you have come to the right place. We will make sure that you have a new windscreen in your Bipper within three working days. If you are in a hurry, you can place an urgent order. For a small extra charge, your Peugeot Bipper windscreen will be replaced within 24 hours.