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Cheap windscreen replacement of your VW Passat

The VW Passat is a popular mid-range car of the German Volkswagen brand. The Volkswagen Passat first appeared on the market in 1973. There are different names used for the VW Passat in various countries. For example, this type of car is sometimes referred to as a Dasher, a Santana, a Quantum, a Magotan and a Corsar. Did you also buy a VW Passat, but were you confronted with glass damage to the windscreen while driving? Would you like to have an efficient and inexpensive solution for windscreen replacement of your VW Passat? In such a situation, you are absolutely at the right place with us!


The different types of damage to your windscreen

Damage to your VW Passat windscreen can occur in a variety of ways. The seriousness of the damage depends very much on the way it occurs. We have listed the most common forms of glass damage to a windscreen for you:

  1. An asterisk due to rubble. It is relatively easy to repair without having to replace the windscreen in question.
  2. A crack caused by crushed rock or caused by a bird or swan flying against the windscreen. An asterisk can also develop into a crack, for example due to a hole in the road, if it is not repaired in time.
  3. A completely shattered windscreen. This can be the result of vandalism, but can also be caused by an accident.

The windscreen replacement of your VW Passat is not always a requirement, as you have been able to read. Is there an asterisk? Then it can usually be dissolved by using a special resin. This is not only advantageous, it also prevents the asterisk from growing into a large(er) crack.

Most important model for the Volkswagen brand

Many people think that the Golf is the most important car in the history of the Volkswagen brand. However, that is not the case. The VW Passat is by far the most popular in terms of sales figures. In 2006, the model accounted for a sloppy 725,000 cars sold. As a result, it is even the most successful model of the entire Volkswagen Group. The difference with the Gulf, for example, may not be so great, but the figures speak for themselves. There were 9,000 fewer Volkswagen Golf models sold in 2006 compared to the Passat.

Is there an obligation to replace a broken windscreen?

A question that many people who are confronted with a broken windscreen ask is whether or not it is mandatory to replace the windscreen in question. The answer to this question is 'sometimes'. Replacing your damaged windscreen is mandatory when the damage is in the driver's field of view or when the crack has a so-called branch. If this is the case with your VW Passat windscreen, you will certainly have to take this into account. Delaying the windscreen replacement of the VW Passat for too long may result in a disapproval of the car inspection.

How much does a broken windscreen replacement for a VW Passat cost?

Many people are anxiously looking forward to the cost of a windscreen replacement of the VW Passat. Somewhere this may be a little right, but on the other hand the cost of replacing the windscreen may also be a lot cheaper than you initially expected. This is the case, for example, when you choose to buy an after market windscreen for your VW Passat. Ordering such automotive glass ensures that you have a copy without a brand logo which will give you a considerable financial advantage. Moreover, by opting for after market automotive glass, you do not have to fear any loss of quality at all, on the contrary. The windscreen replacement of a VW Passat is therefore done in the most interesting way in terms of price and quality.

Replace the Volkswagen Passat windscreen yourself

When replacing a car window, the price you have to pay is obviously not only determined by the purchase price of the new car window. What about the labour costs of the replacement of the damaged copy? As far as that is concerned, you can of course also choose to replace the Volkswagen Passat windscreen yourself. This is extremely interesting for garage owners and hobbyists. We are also happy to be of service to these customers. In other words, do you just want to order a separate after market windscreen for your VW Passat? Then that's absolutely no problem at all!

Do you want to outsource the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Passat?

Now that you are aware of the possibilities of reducing the price of a VW Passat windscreen, it is important to look towards a professional party who can take care of the replacement. In this respect, we have chosen to outsource this to one of our various certified assembly partners. The windscreen replacement of your VW Passat can be carried out efficiently by all these experts. As a result, you are always assured of the best possible quality and, moreover, you can also quickly take your repaired car back on the road. Would you also like to outsource the replacement of your VW Passat windscreen to a truly professional party? In this situation, it is absolutely worthwhile to make use of the opportunities we have to offer you!