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Advantageous windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Corrado

In the past a lot has been said and written about the Volkswagen Corrado. This was not least because the original design of the brand for this type of car has not been entirely successful. Yet many people chose to buy this descendant from the Volkswagen family. Have you also chosen to buy a Volkswagen Corrado, but have you been confronted with, for example, damage to the windscreen of your car? Are you looking for an efficient and affordable solution without having to compromise on quality? In all these cases it is absolutely worthwhile to get acquainted with the solution we can offer you.

A surprising turn for the Volkswagen Corrado

When the Volkswagen Corrado had left the drawing board it was clear that this car had to serve as a continuation of the Scirocco line. At that time, it consisted of the types Scirocco I & II. The Volkswagen Corrado would then be launched as part three. However, that turned out differently for a moment. Indeed, the character of the Scirocco III as an image maker could only be obtained if the production price could be kept as low as possible. Volkswagen's aim was therefore to keep these costs down compared with its predecessor, the Scirocco II. However, it turned out that they did not succeed in doing so. In addition, there was another reason for not releasing the Volkswagen Corrado under the Scirocco line. Compared to the two predecessors, she has a completely different engine.

Windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Corrado in case of glass damage

Because the original set-up for the Volkswagen Corrado could clearly be referred to the trash, it was decided to market them as a 'high class sports coupé'. This turned out to be a good choice, but at the same time it ensured that the popularity of this type of Volkswagen remained rather limited. In addition, this car was only available on order. This meant that for every Volkswagen Corrado that left the factory, the buyer was already known. Despite the fact that the Volkswagen Corrado had to profile itself as a high class sports coupe, it goes without saying that it can also have to deal with window damage. The Volkswagen Corrado windscreen was the only one made of laminated glass. The side and rear windows were made of tempered glass.

When do you need to replace your broken Volkswagen Corrado windscreen?

Before we go into the costs associated with replacing the windscreen of your Volkswagen Corrado, it must be said that contrary to what many people think, this is not always an obligation. Therefore, a broken windscreen replacement should only take place when there is damage that can negatively affect the driver's view of the road. Think of a big crack on the driver's side. This crack may not seem so problematic at first glance, but it can be quite dangerous. In this situation, therefore, a single reflection of the sun or the lighting of the oncoming vehicles is already sufficient to obscure the driver's view of the road. Is the single crack in your windscreen not in the driver's view? In that case, you do not need to worry about a possible disapproval of the MOT. This does not mean, however, that solving the damage is always an absolute must.

Ordering a new windscreen for your Volkswagen Corrado

What does a new car windscreen cost? It is undoubtedly one of the first questions you will ask yourself when you are confronted with certain damage to your Volkswagen Corrado car window. In this respect, we have good news for you right away. After all, the cost of the windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Corrado can be considerably reduced by making the right choice. Many people don't know, but when it comes to a new windscreen, you can make a choice for your car from various possibilities, namely:

  1. An original new windscreen with brand logo
  2. An after market windscreen without a brand logo

Replacing a Volkswagen Corrado windscreen with a new or even a second-hand original one is always unnecessarily expensive. This is due to the fact that an original car window may initially only be sold by an authorised brand dealer. Because of the originally high purchase price, these car windows still have a relatively high price on the second-hand market. Choosing to order after market automotive glass can therefore always significantly reduce the costs you have to pay. Moreover, there is no loss of quality at all, on the contrary.

A new windscreen for a Volkswagen Corrado costs only € 159 and the corresponding windscreen list costs € 60. For € 319 all in, the windscreen will be replaced at your location.

A new windscreen for a Volkswagen Corrado

€ 159,00

A new windscreen moulding for a Volkswagen Corrado

€ 60,00

The origins of the name Volkwagen Corrado

In between an interesting piece of information. That the Volkswagen Corrado is a special car may be clear by now. Do you know, however, that there was also a great deal of discussion about the name to be given to this sports coupé? Initially, it was to be marketed as the Volkswagen Taifun, derived from a typhoon. However, because a typhoon is synonymous with destruction, it was decided to rename it Volkswagen Corrado. Corrado is derived from the Spanish 'Correr' which means walking or running.

Windscreen replacement Volkswagen Corrado without loss of quality

At a time when the Volkswagen Corrado windscreen costs can be limited, many people immediately think that this should be offset by a loss of quality. Fortunately, that is not the case. A damaged windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen Corrado by using an after market model ensures that you can still count on the best possible quality. This is evidenced, inter alia, by the fact that both original and after market car windows are made in the same factory and form part of the same production line. In addition, we can safely state that all our after market automotive glass is always produced in accordance with the strictest European quality and safety standards. This guarantees the best possible price/quality ratio at all times.

The possibility of reducing the Volkswagen Corrado car window price without a loss of quality is a good thing, but who will replace the windscreen if you do not have the expertise to do so? Outsourcing the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Corrado can be done by one of the different certified fitting partners we work with. This not only replaces the windscreen of your Volkswagen Corrado in a very professional way, it can also be done on location. The latter is ideal for people who have had to deal with, for example, a shattered windscreen. For them, driving their car in this situation is virtually impossible.