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The windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Scirocco? No problem!

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a popular sports coupé of the German Volkswagen brand. From the first generation of this popular car appeared a large number of different types. Well known are the GTi and GT versions, but what about the GLI, the MS, the TS and the TL? The unique 'Storm' version was also launched for the English market. Have you also chosen to buy the Volkswagen Scirocco, but were you confronted with, for example, rubble damage during one of the trips on the road? Are you now looking for a windscreen replacement for your Volkswagen Scirocco without having to take into account the sky-high costs? In that case, the solution we have in store for you is definitely worth discovering!

No real Volkswagen?

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a very popular car of the Volkswagen brand. Yet many experts say it is not a true Volkswagen, why is that? This has everything to do with the location where the first car of this type was produced. It concerns the Fa. Karmann
in Osnabrück. This means that the car was not made in a real Volkswagen factory. The first generation of this type of Volkswagen appeared on the market in 1974. Eight years later, in 1982 the second generation appeared, which was available until 1992. A third generation of this type was released in 2008 as a hatchback.

Different types of damage to a Volkswagen Scirocco windscreen

There may be various types of damage to the Volkswagen Scirocco windscreen. The nature of the damage always depends on the situation it causes. An accident can, for example, cause you to have to deal with a completely shattered car window. Is there a bird or a swan flying at high speed against your windscreen? This can lead to a major crack. In both of the above cases, replacing your windscreen is, in principle, the only way to solve the damage. However, the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Scirocco is not always a requirement. Is there, for example, an asterisk in the windscreen of your Volkswagen? In that case it can be repaired much more easily.

Same bottom plate as other Volkswagens

Another nice fact is that the Volkswagen Scirocco I had the same base plate as several other Volkswagens. The bottom plate was the same as that of the Volkswagen Golf I and the Volkswagen Jetta. This makes it immediately clear to many connoisseurs that the first Scirocco was built on platform A1. It was also a front-wheel drive version with a four-cylinder engine on board. The cylinder capacity can vary from 1.1 to 1.6 litres. The latter was only available in the Gti version.

Windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen Scirocco to avoid disapproval of car inspection

It is not always mandatory to replace the windscreen of the Volkswagen Scirocco in case of damage, but in some cases it is, as soon as the damage to your windscreen is in the driver's field of view, you will be able to see that it can hinder you while driving. Moreover, a single reflection, especially of a headlight or the sun, is enough to dazzle you for a moment. In this way, very dangerous situations can arise and you will have to fear disapproval of the MOT. Having the damage to your Volkswagen Scirocco windscreen repaired in good time is therefore an absolute necessity.

Replacing your Volkswagen Scirocco windscreen yourself

A damaged windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Scirocco does not need to be outsourced by anyone. We regularly receive questions from, for example, garage owners and hobbyists whether they can simply order a loose, cheap after market car window from us. This is a logical question, as it is not possible for many of our competitors to do so. Fortunately, this is no problem at all for us. This way you are not only assured of the best price for a Volkswagen Scirocco windscreen, but you also do not have to take into account additional labour costs. Would you like to replace your window yourself, but are you still looking for a company that can supply you with a competitively priced and high quality car window? We will also be happy to help you!

How much does a windscreen cost for a Volkswagen Scirocco without delivery or fitting?

For the Volkswagen Scirocco from 2008 to 2017 there are 3 windscreens available: a windscreen without options costs € 199, a windscreen with rain sensor costs € 209, and a purple coated windscreen with rain sensor costs € 359.

Car window type:

Year of construction:


Windscreen for a Volkswagen Scirocco

from 2008 to 2017

€ 199.00

Windscreen for a Volkswagen Scirocco with rain sensor

from 2008 to 2017

€ 209.00

Purple coated windscreen for a Volkswagen Scirocco with rain sensor

from 2008 to 2017

€ 359.00

Windscreen for a Volkswagen Scirocco 2

from 1981 to 1991

€ 309.00

Windscreen moulding for a Volkswagen Scirocco 2

from 1981 to 1991

€ 80.00

Windscreen replacement costs when insured

Many people want to protect themselves beforehand against the fact that windscreen replacement costs can be higher than they can pay. For this reason, they choose to take out supplementary car insurance. If you want to be insured against glass damage, you have two different possibilities in this area, namely:

  1. A third-party, fire and theft car insurance.
  2. A comprehensive (all risk) car insurance.

Whatever type of car insurance you choose for your Volkswagen Scirocco, you will always have to take into account a certain deductible. This is annoying, because it ensures that you will still have to pay costs out of your own pocket. Our certified assembly partners can help you with this. Choosing to outsource the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Scirocco to these experts means that you will receive a discount on your deductible up to 150 euros!