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Damaged windscreen replacement at a Volkswagen Amarok

In 2009, Volkswagen launched an impressive pickup. She was named Amarok and is available with both a two-door and a four-door cabin. The Volkswagen Amarok was immediately able to attract attention, not only because of its excellent load capacity and robust exterior, but also because of its relatively competitive pricing. Unfortunately, the excellent quality of the Volkswagen Amarok does not ensure that you are protected from damage to this vehicle. An accident can therefore cause damage to the bodywork, but it can also cause glass damage. What about, for example, a big crack in your windscreen? Are you faced with this and are you looking for interesting solutions in terms of damaged windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Amarok? In that case, you are at the right place with us!

Why isn't a Volkswagen Amarok windscreen splashing?

If you have already been confronted with damage to the side or rear windows of your Volkswagen Amarok, for example, it is very likely that these have been splashed into countless pieces. So why does this not happen with the windscreen of your Volkswagen Amarok? Very simple. Compared to the side and rear windows of your Volkswagen pick-up, it is true that the windscreen is made of laminated glass. This type of glass is made up of several layers of glass which ensures that it has a considerable extra strength. In addition, a so-called PVB film
has been applied between these glass layers. This film with an adhesive effect on both sides must ensure that the various glass fragments must be kept together in the event of damage. In this way, the safety of the occupants of the car is always guaranteed. Unfortunately, the use of laminated glass means that a windscreen replacement at your Volkswagen Amarok will always cost you just a little more money.

Is the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Amarok really so expensive?

Many people wonder whether the windscreen replacement of their Volkswagen Amarok with a crack is really as expensive as one has heard. There are actually two answers to this question. Yes, the cost of a new Volkswagen Amarok windscreen can be quite high, but no, it certainly doesn't have to be. In this respect, it is always important to note that the price of Volkswagen Amarok windscreens is significantly influenced by the type of windscreens you choose. In this area, you have two different options:

  1. An original windscreen;
  2. An after market windscreen.

When you are looking for the financially most interesting option for windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Amarok it is always worthwhile to look in the direction of an after market copy. This automotive glass has exactly the same quality as the original variants, but does not have a brand logo. The absence of this logo ensures that the car windows cannot be sold exclusively by authorised brand dealers and that this reflects the purchase price. The choice for an after market car window is therefore always the best you can make in terms of price quality. A new windscreen for a Volkswagen Amarok costs € 179. The price for a windscreen with rain sensor is € 219.

Windscreen for a Volkswagen Amarok

€ 179.00

Windscreen for a Volkswagen Amarok with rain sensor

€ 219.00

How often does a damaged car window on a Volkswagen Amarok occur exactly?

The Volkswagen Amarok is a sturdy powerhouse designed by Walter de'Silva.
The name Amarok actually refers to 'Wolf' in the Inuit. This fact, combined with the fact that the Dutch armed forces ordered 1667 Volkswagen Amarok vehicles in 2013, ensures that the quality and sustainability of these cars is guaranteed. Nevertheless, every car is equipped with one or more susceptible parts. This may not apply at least to the car windows that are installed in them. A windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Amarok therefore occurs more often than you might think. This may be a necessary choice because the windscreen in question was completely crushed after an accident, but it is also possible that there is simply a crack in it. In that case too, many owners of a Volkswagen Amarok will want to have this glass damage solved as soon as possible. Fortunately, you now know that replacing a car window with your Volkswagen Amarok does not have to cost as much money as you might have feared at first.

What does it cost to outsource a Volkswagen Amarok windscreen replacement?

To the question: "What does it cost to replace a windscreen at a Volkswagen Amarok?", we have now given a partial answer. However, it goes without saying that the total cost of the windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Amarok is not only the purchase of the new windscreen, but also its installation. As far as the latter is concerned, there are two things you can do. So you can choose to carry out this placement yourself, but you can also outsource it to a real expert. If you make the latter choice, we will call upon one of the various certified assembly partners with whom we work. These experts have everything you need to ensure that you can get back on the road with your repaired Volkswagen Amarok in the shortest possible time. Moreover, repairing the damaged automotive glass is done at a very interesting price, which means you can kill two birds with one stone!