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The windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Tiguan at very low cost

By no means everyone who wants to buy an SUV needs a very large one. In that case, the Volkswagen Tiguan offers the golden mean. This compact SUV from the Volkswagen brand was introduced in 2007 and is still in production today. The great success of this car is undoubtedly the most important reason for this. Are you also the proud owner of a Volkswagen Tiguan, but are you confronted with glass damage to the windscreen of your car while driving? Are you looking for a windscreen replacement solution for your Volkswagen Tiguan, but are you a bit worried about the costs involved? We offer you a financially very interesting solution to this problem without you having to take into account any loss of quality.

Several similarities with the Volkswagen Golf

In the production of the Volkswagen Tiguan it was decided to use the platform of the Volkswagen Golf. This, of course, concerns the A5 platform. When we look at the different models, it is immediately obvious that only the basic version of the SUV has front wheel drive. The other models have 4Motion four-wheel drive. Also in this respect there is a link with the Volkswagen Golf. After all, the Tiguan uses the same Haldex clutch.

Is there an obligation to replace a damaged windscreen?

The first question you most likely ask yourself is whether replacing a windscreen in case of damage is always mandatory or not. The majority of our competitors will respond in the affirmative. However, this is not entirely correct. In principle, it is perfectly possible for you to decide for yourself when there is an obligation to replace your Volkswagen Tiguan windscreen and when not. This is the case, for example, only when the crack has a branch or the glass damage is located in the driver's field of view. In that case, it can make sure that you do not have an optimal view of the road. Moreover, a single reflection of, for example, a headlight or sunlight is enough to temporarily dazzle you with all the consequences that entails. To avoid disapproval of the car inspection, it is therefore always a requirement in this situation to have the damage to the windscreen of the Volkswagen Tiguan repaired.

Windscreen replacement in case of a chip? Not needed!

Another misunderstanding that is often heard concerning the replacement of a damaged car window can be found in the fact that this would also be a requirement in the case of a chip. That is not right. Replacing your car windscreen is not necessary in this case. There is therefore a much simpler and more financially interesting solution. The windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Tiguan by an asterisk may be something that is not necessary, but this does not mean that you do not want the asterisk to be repaired as quickly as possible. Are you not doing this and are you going to drive with the chip in your windscreen? Then she can just grow into a big crack. Is that the case? The windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen Tiguan is an immediate requirement if it can obstruct your view of the road.

The Volkswagen Tiguan, available in several versions

Over the years, various versions of the Volkswagen Tiguan have appeared. In this respect, we distinguish the Trend & Fun version of the Comfort & Design and the Sport & Style versions. Another possibility is to choose the Track & Field Volkswagen Tiguan. The difference between the different versions is not so big. The first three have a nose of 18 degrees while the Track & Field has a nose of 28 degrees. This makes the latter a lot more interesting to use on rough terrain.

Save on a new windscreen for a Volkswagen Tiguan

Do you still need to replace the windscreen of your Volkswagen Tiguan and are you looking for a solution that is as financially interesting as possible? Then we can help you further. The costs for a new Volkswagen Tiguan windscreen can be reduced by choosing to buy an after market one. Such a car window does not bear a brand logo, which means that it cannot be sold exclusively by brand dealers. As a result, the price is even lower than that of a second-hand, original car window. Despite the significantly lower cost price, it must be said that there is no qualitative difference whatsoever. We can say this with certainty, because both types of car windows are produced in the same factory and are part of the same production line.

An after market windscreen for the Volkswagen Tiguan is available from € 149 without fitting and € 249 with fitting at home or at work.

Car window type:

Year of construction:


Windscreen for a Volkswagen Tiguan

from 2007 to 2017

€ 149.00

Windscreen with rain sensor for a Volkswagen Tiguan

from 2007 to 2017

€ 149.00

Acoustic windscreen with rain sensor for a Volkswagen Tiguan

from 2011 to 2017

€ 179.00

Using the cheapest solution for car window replacement is therefore always tantamount to using an after market windscreen. Replacing your Volkswagen Tiguan windscreen will make it much more accessible from a financial point of view. However, there is still room for improvement. Do you choose to outsource the replacement of the windscreen of your Volkswagen Tiguan to one of our different certified partners? In that case, you can also have your deductible reduced with an amount up to 150 euros. For example, buying and placing a new windscreen costs you practically nothing.

Need a windscreen replacement for your Volkswagen Tiguan? It is also possible on location!

Did you know that the windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Tiguan is also possible on location? This is particularly interesting in the case of a completely shattered car window. Moreover, this does not result in sky-high costs for a Volkswagen Tiguan windscreen, so you can enjoy an excellent solution in terms of price-quality. Anyway, do you want to replace your Volkswagen Tiguan windscreen? Then it is now clear that you have come to the right place with us for that!