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Windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Transporter van

The Volkswagen Transporter is an extremely popular van of the German Volkswagen brand. Internally this car is known as Type 2. It is striking that, despite the fact that the VW Transporter was first introduced in 1950, the name was not registered as a trademark until 1990. This was also done in connection with the arrival of the T4 version. The models that appeared in the following years were each given different (additional) names. The name VW bus is the best name to use in this context. Are you also the owner of a Volkswagen Transporter, but have you suffered damage to the windscreen while driving? In that case, we will gladly offer you the most interesting solution in terms of windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen Transporter!

Solving glass damage to your VW Transporter

The windscreen replacement of your VW Transporter in case of window damage may seem a bit drastic at first sight. In practice, however, this is often not the case. When there is a crack in your Volkswagen Transporter windscreen or when it is completely shattered, there is no alternative. That does apply in the case of a fairly innocent asterisk. In principle, this asterisk only causes very limited damage. Repairing it can therefore be done very well without having to replace the windscreen. Please note that an asterisk will also have to be repaired. Are you not doing this and are you going to continue driving with your VW Transporter? Then a simple hole in the road can cause the asterisk to grow into a big crack. In that case, replacing your windscreen is the only solution. In this respect, prevention is certainly better than cure!

How much will a new windscreen cost?

If you need to replace the Volkswagen Transporter windscreen, you will undoubtedly first want to know how much the new windscreen will cost. Of course, this is possible, but you will have to make a certain choice first. Do you choose to buy an original car window so that you have to take into account the relatively high costs for a new Volkswagen Transporter windscreen or do you prefer after market automotive glass? Making the latter choice ensures that you can always count on a number of interesting advantages, namely:

  1. The car window does not have a brand logo. This ensures that it is financially a lot more attractive compared to an original car window.
  2. The quality is guaranteed. We can say this with certainty because both the factory in which it is produced and the production line are the same as those of original automotive glass.
  3. All our after market car windows are produced at all times in accordance with the strictest European quality and safety standards.

A windscreen replacement for the VW Transporter at low cost without fear of a loss of quality is therefore best done by opting for a new after market windscreen.

Are you for a car window replacement not insured?

Replacing your VW Transporter windscreen is of course always associated with certain costs. Are you afraid of high costs because you are not insured for car window replacement? This is completely unnecessary, on the contrary. By choosing after market automotive glass you will find that the price can be significantly reduced. Not only does this make the price of a Volkswagen Transporter windscreen considerably more affordable, but you do not have to fear any loss of quality. The windscreen replacement of your VW Transporter therefore only provides very interesting advantages!

The success of the Volkswagen Transporter over the years

We have not only noticed here in Europe that the Volkswagen Transporter has become more and more popular over the years. This car also scored exceptionally well in the United States and Canada, for example. This was particularly striking because the VW Transporter T5 never entered these markets. The T6 did and apparently made up for the lost years in one fell swoop. Indeed, the Volkswagen Transporter T6 was named 'International Van of the Year 2016'
by an international jury in 2016. This is a price that does not come out of the blue at all, quite the contrary.

Outsourcing the windscreen replacement of your VW Transporter

You will undoubtedly be happy to outsource the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Transporter to a professional party if you do not have this expertise in-house. In this respect, we offer our customers the best of the best. When replacing a damaged windscreen, we always call on one of the certified assembly partners with whom we work. These experts are able to replace the windscreen of your VW Transporter like no other. Not only can you count on an efficient and qualitative solution in this way, but the price also remains as low as possible. In fact, if you are insured for glass damage with a third-party, fire and theft or comprehensive insurance (all-risk), your deductible up to 150 euros will also be remitted!