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Cost of windscreen replacement for your Audi 90

Everyone knows the Audi 80, the predecessor of the Audi A4 and one of the most successful models of the German car manufacturer. However, the Audi 90 has been given iconic status. Partly because of the very expensive replacement parts, but fortunately there is an after market where prices are lower. This also applies when it comes to the windscreen replacement of your Audi 90. If the windscreen has to be replaced and you opt for after market automotive glass, the price tag is not too bad. But why is this Audi 90 so iconic and how does it differ from the Audi 80?

The more luxurious version of the Audi 80

The Audi 80 is one of the best-selling Audi models. Throughout the generations it is clear that Audi has continued to work on comfort and improvement in order to serve the higher segment that Volkswagen does not really bother with. But although the Audi 80 was a fine and solid German car, the real Audi feeling for the real enthusiast was lacking.

That's why Audi launched the Audi 90 in 1984. A model that is still being searched for a lot today. On the one hand because of the nostalgia, on the other hand because of the 5-cylinder and the real German solidity with which the counter can easily cover 300,000 kilometres (186,411 miles).

The Audi 90 had to serve the higher segment. This model had to be higher in the pecking order than the Audi 80, which in turn had to surpass the Volkswagen Passat in class. Eventually the Audi 90 was just above the Audi 80 and remained just below the Audi 100, which was better equipped. And although this was never a very successful model, that touch of nostalgia remains. The Audi 90 may not have been a success, it is indeed a very special car and even today the Audi 90 is still in demand.

Model Audi 90 1984-1986

The first version of the Audi 90 was launched in 1984. The idea was immediately clear: the stronger engines and better equipment of the Audi 90 had to ensure that the car was placed in a higher segment. The Audi 90 took over the platform (B3) and the fully galvanized body of the Audi 80. A good move, because it has made this model still a popular model among collectors and enthusiasts today. Whereas other cars from this era are no longer on the road because of the rust problems, the Audi 90 and the newer generations of the Audi 80 still drive on the road without any problems.

The 1984-1986 generation was available with front-wheel drive and with Audi's Quattro (four-wheel drive) technology.

Model Audi 90 1987-1991

In 1987 came the facelift of the Audi 90. We can't call it a second generation, although opinions are divided about it, as is often the case with Audi. The facelift resulted in new external features on the bumpers and lighting, as was the case with the Audi 80. In addition, once again they opted for stronger engines, which without exception were equipped with a 5-cylinder engine with a power of 170 hp. And these engines have become legendary because of the sound they produce.

And so there are hundreds of videos on YouTube to find lovers who next to the exhaust of the Audi 90 are filming, purely because of the sound that the engine makes.

What is the big difference with the Audi 80?

That fans love the Audi 90, that says nothing about the car itself of course. It are the real differences that made the Audi 90 so well received. A number of features of the Audi 90 in a row:

  • Much stronger engines
  • Available with front wheel or quattro drive
  • Leather seats in the coupé version
  • Better (ABS)
    brakes in the Audi 90 models
  • Rear spoilers
  • Fog Lights

This has caused the Audi 90 to be placed above the Audi 80. However, the models stayed behind the Audi 100, which meant that Audi was in fact competing with itself. Especially since the C3-version of the Audi 100 was started in 1982 and the C4-version (the fourth generation) of the Audi 100 saw the light of day in 1990. Exactly at the time when the Audi 90 should have taken over the market.

The Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO - a real beast for its time

With the Audi 90, Audi has for the first time really shown what it is capable of in the American racing world. The Germans made a special racing car on the platform of the Audi 80/90 and threw in a 2.2 litre 5-cylinder. And then they changed the engine a little bit. This Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO
had a power output of 720 hp, and that in 1990. Despite the many victories, the championship was not won by this car.

When should the windscreen of an Audi 90 be replaced?

A car window replacement is necessary if there is windscreen damage in the driver's field of vision. Light can be reflected in a strange way; as this can lead to dangerous situations, you are usually not allowed to drive any further. If the car window is broken in another place and if it is a branched crack, the windscreen has to be replaced as well.

However, if you drive an Audi 90 as most enthusiasts do, you will quickly opt for windscreen replacement if there is damage to the windscreen that cannot be repaired. Car window damage and an iconic Audi just don't go together.

Can I replace my Audi 90 windscreen myself?

You can replace your Audi 90 windscreen yourself when you have a lot of experience replacing windscreens, have the right tools and can work in a dry place. In that case, you can order a new Audi 90 windscreen from us without installation, so the price is even lower.

If you are not a mechanic and you do not know how to replace a windscreen, it is better to choose a new windscreen including installation. Our certified fitting partners ensure that the new windscreen is installed in the correct manner and provide a guarantee on the labour.

How can I save on the cost of a new Audi 90 windscreen?

You can save on the cost of a new windscreen for your Audi 90 by choosing an after market car window. This is an Audi 90 windscreen without a brand logo, which results in a much lower price. There is no further difference. The after market windows are made in the factories where the brand glass is also made and meet exactly the same requirements. The big difference: a logo and the price.

Windscreen Audi 90:

€ 149.00

Moulding Audi 90:

€ 20.00

Optional installation:

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

With us you can immediately order a new windscreen for your Audi 90. Do you need a windscreen replacement for your Audi 90, but you are not sure which windscreen you need? Please contact us so that we can find the windscreen that fits seamlessly on your Audi 90.