Windscreen replacement Cadillac CTS

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Windscreen replacement of your Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS is the best-selling Cadillac in the Netherlands. If the windscreen of your Cadillac CTS needs to be replaced, finding a brand dealer is a challenge. For example, in the Netherlands you will find one in Rijnsburg and one in Amersfoort. Fortunately, there are plenty of car windows online. The prices are a lot more attractive, because it concerns after market automotive glass. Before we look at the possibilities of these car windows, we first go deeper into this model of Cadillac. Was it a success, and how big was this sales success in the Netherlands exactly?

The first generation of the Cadillac CTS

The first copies of this model came on the market in 2003. General Motors, owner of Cadillac, decided to place this model on the compact luxury car market and built the CTS on the Sigma platform with rear-wheel drive. The CTS is the first model to use 'Art and Science' as a design language, which was first shown in the Evoq concept car. The Cadillac CTS had to replace the Catera, which was based on Opel.

The CTS is the first model since the Cimarron where Cadillac goes back to the manual transmission. Of course there are also models with an automatic five-speed gearbox. Soon the choice was made for a special version, which would be called the Cadillac CTS-V. This gave better performance thanks to the 5.7 litre V8 engine with 400 hp. The only reason why General Motors decided to do so was because it wanted to compete with the BMW M3/M5, the Audi S4/S6 and the C and E class of Mercedes Benz. Cadillac did not succeed in this at all.

Nevertheless, the CTS immediately got a special status, especially among film lovers. In Matrix Reloaded,
the film that got a cult status, the Cadillac CTS was used for one of the key scenes with which the role of this car is unmistakable:

Ten models of the Cadillac CTS (which was not on the market at the time) were used for the film. That was also the end of these models.

The second generation: a new platform and more engines

The second generation saw the daylight in 2008. A new platform was chosen, the GM Sigma II platform, which made the car longer and wider despite the fact that the wheelbase remained the same. More engines were also introduced, with an emphasis on torque. In addition, the level of suspension, brakes and steering improvements of the previous CTS-V were now used as standard in the CTS models.

In 2010 the GM logo of the Cadillac disappeared. Two years later the grille was updated and a V6 engine with 323 hp was developed for the standard version which was much lighter than its predecessor.

The third generation: 2013 to 2019

In March 2013, the third generation was put in the limelight (model year 2014). Although the model was relatively well received, there was a lot of criticism about the multimedia system and the fuel consumption, which was much higher than that of the competing models on the market. This has led Cadillac to lower the price of this model in 2015, in order to put the car better on the market.

Has the Cadillac CTS become a sales success?

No, not at all. The peak year was 2005 with just over 60,000 sales in America. In Europe, sales lagged far behind. In Europe was the peak year in 2004, when just 673 models were sold. A total of 4958 copies of the Cadillac CTS were sold in Europe, making it the most sold model of Cadillac in Europe. This can be seen on the second-hand car market, where different models and versions are offered.

When should the windscreen of a Cadillac CTS be replaced?

The requirements of the national road traffic authority in the Netherlands (which is called RDW) stipulate that you may not continue with windscreen damage if there is an asterisk with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres in the driver's field of vision or if there is a branched crack. If this is the case, the windscreen of your Cadillac must be replaced.

This can be done by the brand dealer when you have time to visit it. However, the prices of the brand glass are unnecessarily much higher than the prices of after market automotive glass. If you are looking for cheap car windows for your American car, then the after market is the place where you will find the right car window.

Is after market glass a good option for a Cadillac CTS?

Yes, especially when the best value for money is important to you. Specifically, you don't want to pay too much, but you do want the best vehicle glass for your Cadillac. After market automotive glass is a good option. This automotive glass does not bear a brand logo, so the exclusive right of sale does not apply.

In addition, these car windows meet exactly the same requirements as your dealer's brand glass and are often made in the factories where the original Cadillac windscreens are also manufactured. The logo that does nothing for your windscreen or car, that is what makes the branded windows so expensive.

Can I replace the windscreen of my Cadillac CTS myself?

You can easily buy a car window yourself, but fitting a windscreen is a completely different story. You can only do this if you are a trained mechanic or specialist in the field of automotive glass. Is this true for you? Then you can simply order the new car windows without installation and have them delivered or picked up from us.

If you are not an experienced specialist, we strongly advise you not to install the windscreen yourself.

This can cause it to come loose or leak if it is fitted incorrectly. Our certified assembly partners will be happy to help you and, in most cases, can install the windscreen within three working days. At your home, at work or at another location of your choice.

Cheap replacement of the windscreen of your Cadillac CTS

Do you need a windscreen replacement for your Cadillac CTS and do you consider quality and affordability to be of the utmost importance, but do you also want this to be done quickly so that you can fully enjoy your American car again? Then you have come to the right place. Sharp prices, high quality after market automotive glass for your car and the new car windows are almost always placed within three working days.

Can't you find the right windscreen or is the desired product not yet listed on the website? Talk to us via the live chat or call us, so that we can directly look at the best option for your Cadillac CTS with you.