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Windscreen replacement Opel Agila at an attractive price

If you are looking for an inexpensive way for the windscreen replacement of a Opel Agila, you can count on us. Before we go into the details of ordering an after market windscreen, we will first take a closer look at the peculiarities of this compact city car. The Opel Agila was introduced in 2000 and was in production in the Opel plants in Poland and Hungary until 2014. By combining a compact appearance with surprisingly large content, for many people it is a car that meets all their needs. Despite the popularity of the car, the model has now been replaced by the more sporty Opel Karl. However, if you still want to drive in your current car and for that reason need a windscreen replacement for your Opel Agila, you can find more information here.

Opel Agila first generation

The Opel Agila came into being at a time when Opel's parent company, General Motors, also had a large stake in the Suzuki car company. In 1999, this Japanese brand launched the Wagon R+, for which Opel did not have a good alternative at the time. In order to be able to reach the same target group with both brands, it was decided to develop the Opel Agila. In everything this car looks very similar to the Suzuki Wagon R+ and many even see the Opel Agila as a rebadged version of this car. If you are looking for the right products to replace the windscreen of an Opel Agila, for example, you will see that the windows of the Agila and the Wagon R+ are exactly the same.

However, there are certainly striking differences between the two models. For example, the Agila has a typical Opel front with a distinctive grill. The engines are also different. Opel engines are a lot more economical and can generate more speed with less horsepower. Also in the interior are several elements incorporated in both cars. If you want the windscreen replacement of the Opel Agila first generation, also called the Opel Agila A, this is certainly possible with us. There are both clear and green tinted windows available on our website.

Second generation of the Opel Agila

After the success of the first generation, Opel announced a second generation of the Opel Agila in 2007. This car is also known as the Opel Agila B. Again there was cooperation with Suzuki. This time the car was developed together and Suzuki marketed the model under the name Splash. The Opel Agila B is slightly longer than its predecessor and was therefore also marketed as a mini MPV instead of a city car. Just like the Opel Agila A, the model is much in demand by a specific target group who wants a reliable car of an A-brand with a relatively large interior and not too much money. Nevertheless, in 2014 a new model under a new name was chosen: the Opel Karl. As a result, the Opel Agila was only manufactured between 2000 and 2014 and has now been taken out of production.

It is also possible to replace the Opel Agila B windscreen. For this model you can find on our website a green tinted copy that is also in the original cars. The windscreen is also suitable for a Suzuki Splash. In addition to the windows themselves, it is also possible to order windscreen rubbers. The Opel Agila rear window replacement is also perfectly possible at an affordable price. Replacing the rear window or the windscreen of an Opel is always cheap with us and the delivery is very fast.

When should I replace the Opel Agila windscreen?

There are several causes that can lead to a windscreen replacement of an Opel Agila. It is possible, for example, that a crack in the window will occur as a result of:

  1. Rubble
  2. An accident
  3. Collision with an animal
  4. Vandalism 
If there is a crack in the windscreen, it is not mandatory to have it replaced immediately. However, driving through the window with a crack can cause problems. This is mainly due to the loss of 'stiffness'. The windscreen is made of two layers of glass with in between a layer of PVB film.
This is a kind of plastic film that one cannot look through at first. During the production process, this film is manually placed between the two layers of glass, after which the windscreen is placed in a large vacuum drum in order to pull all the air out of the film. The opaque PVB film becomes transparent during this process and, thanks to its adhesive effect, forms a sturdy layer between the two pieces of glass. However, if there is a crack in the windscreen, this strength is no longer optimal. This is comparable to once a motorcycle helmet is folded against something.

A windscreen replacement of the Opel Agila is highly recommended due to the loss of this strength. If you have an accident with a crack in the windscreen, you are less well protected. The crack can also cause sunlight to reflect, reducing visibility, or causing you to be dazzled in the worst case scenario. It also looks less beautiful if your car has a big crack in the window. Therefore, always have your windscreen replaced on time.

Cheap windscreen replacement Opel Agila or Vauxhall Agila

Our prices are much lower than those of a brand dealer. This is because we only sell after market car windows. These windows come from exactly the same factories and even from the same production line as the car windows you will find at a brand dealer. The difference is, however, that we do not have a brand logo on it. Vehicle glass with a brand logo can only be sold by brand dealers and because they have an exclusive right to the sale in the first place, they can increase the price beyond what is strictly necessary. This allows us to replace a windscreen from an Opel Agila for much less money.

Windscreen Opel Agila A

€ 99.00

Windscreen Opel Agila B

€ 129.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Ordering automotive glass from us is not only possible for do-it-yourselfers who want to replace the windscreen themselves. You can also choose to have this done by our certified fitting partners. These professionals can even do the windscreen replacement for the Opel Agila on site so you can get back on the road safely and quickly. Also in this case, prices are considerably lower than they will be at brand dealerships. For both versions of the Opel Agila, we have the right windscreens and windscreen rubbers in stock so that your car window can be replaced successfully. Contact our professional partners directly to professionally replace the windscreen for you, or order simply a new windscreen without installation.