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Windscreen replacement Opel Omega at low price

The luxury Opel Omega was introduced in 1986 and was made up to and including 2003. If you are in possession of this car, the windscreen replacement of the Opel Omega may be necessary. For example, an accident or rubble can cause cracks in the windscreen. Replacing the Opel Omega windscreen is then necessary, as windscreens cannot be repaired. While this can lead to high costs at a brand dealer, you can cheaply replace the windscreen of the Opel Omega through us. You can read more about how we can offer you these low prices later on. Before we tell more about it, we will discuss the history of the German company Opel and the special model Opel Omega.

Opel started out as a sewing machine and bicycle manufacturer

The German company Opel was founded as early as 1862 by Adam Opel.

This son of a locksmith was raised with the idea that he would succeed his father. On a trip to Paris he became fascinated by sewing machines. Back in his home town of Rüsselsheim am Main, he started a sewing machine factory in an old barn. The business talent of the young Adam Opel soon came to the surface. Within twenty years, Opel was the largest sewing machine manufacturer in Germany.

Together with his wife Sophie, Adam Opel had five sons. All five boys became fascinated by cycling at a young age. Throughout the country they won prizes on their foreign two-wheelers. Adam Opel saw that he could make his own bikes, partly because of the enthusiasm of his sons. By taking over production methods from the sewing machine branch, the bicycle sector also quickly became successful. Adam Opel died in 1895. In the more than thirty years that he was at the helm, his company had grown to become the market leader in Germany in both sewing machines and bicycles.

Early acquisition by General Motors

Adam Opel's sons and widow were given the strings after his death. Although Adam was never interested in cars, his sons were all the more interested. The company started recruiting car experts around the turn of the century. This resulted in the first Opel cars as early as 1899. These early models were not yet a success, but the basis was laid in those years.

Opel's first profitable vehicle appeared in 1909. The Opel Opel 4/8 PS,

also called the Doktorwagen, was relatively cheap and yet very reliable. As in the other sectors in which Opel was active, it quickly succeeds in becoming the market leader. Already in 1928 there was no bigger carmaker in Germany than Opel. The 37.5% market share attracted the attention of the US General Motors. It was difficult for this company to gain a foothold in Europe with its own models. It was therefore decided to acquire Opel. Between 1929 and 1931, 100 per cent of the shares were purchased by General Motors.

This made the successes of the car brand even greater. A second factory was opened in Germany and, in addition to cars, the first Opel trucks
rolled off the tyre. In 1935, Opel became the first German car company to produce more than 100,000 vehicles in a single year. The Second World War logically had a considerable impact on Opel. The factories were obliged to make vehicles and spare parts for the army. The allies then bombarded some of the factories, because they are used for military production. The end year of the war, 1945, was the first year since 1899 in which Opel produced fewer vehicles than the year before.

Major successes and ultimately a decline in sales figures

Not long after the end of the war General Motors took back control of Opel. The company was able to recover miraculously quickly. Already in 1953 more than 100,000 vehicles were produced and a year later the sales figures were higher than ever before. This turbulent period was followed by many successful models. These included the following:

  1. Opel Kadett
  2. Opel Olympia
  3. Opel Kapitän
  4. Opel GT
  5. Opel Ascona
  6. Opel Manta
  7. Opel Omega

Until 1990, Opel was the car brand from which General Motors made the most money. After this, however, partly due to crisis periods and poor management, the originally German company went downhill. 1999 was the last year in which Opel was able to write black figures. The final blow was handed out by the economic crisis of 2008. General Motors lost hundreds of millions of euros a year since then and began to develop plans to sell Opel. This ultimately resulted in the sale of Opel to the French PSA Group. These include the Peugeot and Citroën car brands. In 2017, Opel was sold, together with the English branch Vauxhall, for more than 2.2 billion dollars.

The luxury Opel Omega or Vauxhall Omega

The Opel Omega was launched on the market in 1986 as a successor to the Opel Rekord. This car falls under the luxury segment and was therefore sold to a lot of business customers. The luxury was located on both the inside and outside. Modern gadgets for the time, such as an onboard computer, LCD cluster and self diagnostic functions were standard features. The sleek appearance gave not only a nice appearance, but also very little air resistance.

The Opel Omega A was manufactured from 1986 to 1993 and succeeded by the Omega B1. This was subsequently replaced by the Omega B2 in 1999. The difference between the various generations lies mainly in the engine block. This was completely new in the B1 and was then refurbished for the B2. Also, new gadgets were added all the time so that the Opel Omega remained a very luxurious car for a long time and moved with his time. As a result, enough of these strong cars are still driving around on the roads. The windscreen replacement of the Opel Omega is also still possible.

What does a windscreen replacement of the Opel Omega cost?

The price of replacing an Opel Omega windscreen varies. This depends in part on the generation and any additions. In all cases, however, you can count on us for the lowest price, thanks to the after market car windows that you can order from us. Unlike automotive glass that can be fitted to brand dealers, these do not have a brand logo. However, it also allows them to be sold by non-brand dealers. Because of the free market forces, the price is considerably lower than for automotive glass with a brand logo, as you can see in the table below.

Suitable for:

Year of construction:


Windscreen Opel Omega A

from 1986 to 1994

€ 109.00

Windscreen Opel Omega B

from 1994 to 2003

€ 139.00

Purple coated windscreen Opel Omega B

from 2000 to 2003

€ 289.00

Purple coated windscreen Opel Omega B with rain sensor

from 1994 to 2003

€ 289.00

If you want to replace the windscreen of your Opel Omega yourself, then it is an ideal opportunity to order a separate windscreen with the necessary frames or rubbers. Of course, you can also outsource the windscreen replacement of the Opel Omega. Our certified fitting partners will be happy to install the new windscreen on-site. In that case, too, we will be of service to you with remarkably low prices. By replacing the windscreen of your Opel Omega you can safely take the car back on the road. So choose the best quality for the lowest price and order your new windscreen via us.