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Inexpensive windscreen replacement Opel Mokka

If you are looking for a cheap way to replace the windscreen of your Opel Mokka, you can't get anywhere better than ours. At a dealership, windscreen replacement of an Opel Mokka is a costly business, but fortunately it is possible to save a lot of money on this. A broken windscreen with, for example, a large crack can prevent you from getting on the road or being able to use your car. Replacement of the car window is then the only option, as it cannot be repaired. In this article you will read all about the possibilities we have to offer you in this area and how we ensure that prices stay as low as possible. Before we go into detail, we will tell you more about the special history of the Opel car brand and the Opel Mokka model.

Opel has existed for 156 years

Although Opel has experienced many changes over the years, Opel's origins can be traced back to 1862. Adam Opel,
the German son of a locksmith's German son, then began producing and selling sewing machines in an old barn. This became a huge hit. The affordable quality of Opel's products ensured that the company became the market leader in sewing machines in Germany within a few decades. In the meantime, Adam Opel was married to Sophie Scheller. Together they got five sons who were all very interested in cycling. Throughout Germany the boys won prizes with cycling and because of their enthusiasm Opel started producing bicycles in 1886. In this area too, things went very well quickly. When Adam Opel died in 1895, the company Opel was market leader in both areas in Germany.

After the death of Adam Opel, his sons and wife got the strings in his hands. Although Adam Opel should not have seen anything of cars, his sons did see a future in it. The first Opel car was made back in 1899. Although this wasn't an immediate great success, Opel did not give up quickly. Eventually it took until 1909 before a model of Opel was sold really well. The Opel Doktorwagen
is still a household name and by offering high quality for a relatively low price, Opel was able to make a definitive name for itself as a car builder.

The rise of Opel cars and the two acquisitions

Both before and after the Second World War, Opel was able to impress with several models. It was not only in Germany that Opel sold cars as hot rolls, because cars of this brand were soon to be seen all over Europe. As one of the first car companies they started mass production of cars by using conveyor belts. This allowed them to keep prices lower than many of their competitors. By using the most modern techniques and combining these with a not too extravagant design, Opel appealed to a very large audience.

The American General Motors soon became impressed by Opel's cars and production method. Until then, the American car builder had not yet gained a foothold in Europe and wanted to change this. In 1929, therefore, 80 percent of Opel's shares were acquired by General Motors and in 1931 the last 20 percent followed. Until the Second World War this proved to be a successful collaboration. In 1937, Opel's factory in Rüsselsheim was even the most productive in Europe.

Although Opel and factories, among other things, were destroyed during the Second World War and the production of cars for private individuals had to be largely stopped, the company quickly picked up the gauntlet after the war. Several particularly successful models were introduced and in the middle class Opel has long been the market leader in its own country and surrounding countries. The following models, among others, contributed greatly to this:

  1. Opel Olympia
  2. Opel Olympia
  3. Opel Kadett
  4. Opel Kapitän
  5. Opel Rekord
  6. Opel Ascona
  7. Opel Manta
  8. Opel Astra
  9. Opel Vectra

In the 1990s, however, Opel was slowly down on the road and in the end, 1999 was the last year in which General Motors made a profit with the car brand. Sales were therefore inevitable. In 2017, the French PSA Group, which includes Peugeot and Citroën, acquired Opel for 2.2 billion. Hopefully, this will enable Opel to return to the upward path and bring its market position back to its former level.

The compact SUV Opel Mokka

The compact cross-over/SUV Opel Mokka was introduced in 2012. In the United Kingdom this car, like all Opel models, is of course for sale under the brand name Vauxhall. In the US and China there is a rebatched version for sale: the Buick Encore. A very similar model is also the Chevrolet Trax, which in Australia is called the Holden Trax.

The handy thing about the Opel Mokka is that the car is available with both two- and four-wheel drive and also because of its compact size is not as heavy as many other SUVs. This makes the car more economical and agile. The Opel Mokka also features many high-tech gadgets such as Opel Eye,
which allow traffic signs to be scanned, and reversing cameras and adaptive lighting. The car owes its name to the mocha coffee bean, which is slightly similar to the shape of the car model. In addition to the normal Mokka, only the Mokka X has been available since 2016. This version of Mokka has been given a facelift and there are some new engines and interiors available, but otherwise this model is almost the same as its predecessor.

Cheap windscreen replacement of your Opel Mokka

Replacing a car on the windscreen can be very difficult. This is because, in the first instance, automotive glass with a brand logo may only be sold by authorised brand dealers. This allows them to make the price higher than strictly necessary. However, you can order after market car windows from us so that the windscreen replacement of your Opel Mokka is a lot cheaper. This after market automotive glass is of the same high quality and are made in the same factory. However, due to the absence of a brand logo, non-brand dealers are also allowed to sell after market automotive glass. After all, free market forces lead to lower prices. In the table below you can see what a new windscreen costs for the after market.

Windscreen Opel Mokka

€ 199.00

Windscreen Opel Mokka with rain sensor

€ 219.00

Windscreen Opel Mokka with camera and rain sensor

€ 229.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Replace the Opel Mokka windscreen yourself or have it done?

Unlike many of our competitors, you can order new car windows from us and do replacement windscreens yourself. The right products are available for many brands and models, with not only car windows but also rubbers and lists for competitive prices. We ensure fast shipping and it is also possible to collect the ordered products free of charge from one of our partners in the country.

Do you not have the knowledge to replace the windscreen of your Opel Mokka yourself? Then our certified fitting partners will be happy to assist you. They even replace your windscreen on location and do this at very competitive prices. In all cases, we will make sure that you can quickly get back on the road safely with your new windscreen. So do not hesitate, but if damage to car windows occurs, order the best products through us for the lowest price.