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Do you want a cheap windscreen replacement of an Opel Cascada?

The Opel Cascada is the only Opel model available as a standard convertible. Especially in the summer months, the Opel Cascada is therefore a beautiful car for touring. If, for example, you are looking for an inexpensive way for the windscreen replacement of your Opel Cascada due to an accident, rubble or vandalism, you can count on us. Where brand dealers ask for the main price for replacing a windscreen, you can find various car windows here for a low price. You can read further on about how we keep prices low and when you need to replace the windscreen. Before we go into this, we will tell more about the history of Opel and take a closer look at the convertible Opel Cascada.

The founding of Opel in 1862

Like many other European car brands, Opel did not start producing cars in the first place. Like Peugeot, Opel first started producing various metal devices and products. Whereas Peugeot concentrated on coffee mills and bicycles, this was the case with Opel sewing machines and bicycles. It was only after the death of founder Adam Opel that the company began to take an interest in the production of cars. This was mainly due to the five sons of Adam Opel and his wife Sophie. The sons of the couple were initially also responsible for the production of bicycles at the Opel company. All five were big fans of bicycles and cycling and they often participated in races in Germany. At that time the best bikes were made in England. The eldest son of Adam and Sofie, Carl Opel, therefore went to England to see the production there. He took this knowledge with him to Germany and convinced his father to start making bicycles.

When Adam Opel died in 1895, his widow and sons became the boss of Opel. The five speed devils were now under the spell of a new means of transport: the car. The death of their father gave the sons the opportunity to enter this market as well. Through collaborations with, among others, designer Friedrich Lutzmann and French car maker Darracq,
the first car was made as early as 1899. Real success came later. Especially the introduction of the Opel 4/8 PS
was a big step. This 'doctor's car' was relatively cheap and very reliable. As a result, this car was widely used by doctors who often had to travel long distances to reach their patients.

Opel comes into American hands

After selling the company's sewing and cycling sectors, Opel was bought by the American General Motors between 1929 and 1931. This company saw a lot of future in Opel and, after successes in its own American market, also wanted to conquer the European continent via Opel. Although this was, of course, problematic during the Second World War, Opel was very successful in Germany before and after that. Indeed, for a long time the car brand was the market leader in its own country, keeping competitors such as Mercedes and Volkswagen firmly behind them.

The strength of Opel is that they soon managed to take their place in the carmakers' spectrum. They could not and did not want to compete with a luxury brand like Mercedes or BMW and therefore made affordable cars from the beginning of the 20th century. However, this never happened at the expense of quality, which is very good at Opel, especially in view of the relatively low price. This vision produced many successful models that dominated the roads all over Europe. These were the ones, for example:

ModelYear of construction
Opel Olympia1935-1940, 1947-1953 and 1967-1970
Opel Kadett1936-1940 and 1962-1991
Opel Kapitän1938-1940 and 1948-1970
Opel Rekord1953-1986
Opel Ascona1970-1988
Opel Manta1970-1988
Opel Vectra1988-2008
Opel Astra1991-present
Opel Corsa1983-present

Still, from the 80s onwards, Opel slowly went downhill. The company was overtaken by Volkswagen as the market leader and with the introduction of Japanese cars, many affordable competitors were added. In particular, after the 2008 financial crisis, things went less well. General Motors therefore decided, after several attempts to restore Opel's profitability, to sell the car brand. Since 2017, the French PSA Group has been the owner of Opel. The company, which also includes Peugeot and Citroën, hopes to return to profitability in the future through smart cooperation between the various Opel brands.

The convertible Opel Cascada

Although it is not one of the best selling models of Opel, the Opel Cascada is certainly a special car. The convertible was introduced in 2013 as a successor to the Astra TwinTop. In 2010, the production of the TwinTop was discontinued and Opel had no more convertibles in production since then. The Cascada is largely based on the Opel Astra J and looks very much like this car in terms of interior.

Like many other recent Opel models, the Opel Cascada has also appeared as a rebatched or customised version for other car brands. In 2013, General Motors was of course still the owner, which is why the following models, which are very similar to the Opel Cascada, are also available:

  1. Vauxhall Cascada
  2. Holden Cascada
  3. Buick Cascada

The name is also special. Cascada is Spanish for waterfall. Something you would rather not encounter with a convertible. It is also striking that the Cascada has a different name only in Spain. Here the model is simply called the Opel Cabrio.

When should I have a windscreen replacement for the Opel Cascada?

A windscreen must be replaced when there is a multiple crack in the car window or when a single crack is directly in the driver's view. This is because otherwise it can lead to dangerous situations. Sunlight or light from oncoming traffic can reflect into the crack and cause glare. In addition, the windscreen is less strong with a large crack and this can have annoying consequences in the event of an accident.

Fortunately, the windscreen replacement of your Opel Cascada does not cost you the main price. The prices at a brand dealer are quite high, but by ordering from us you can keep the costs of replacing a windscreen remarkably low. We are often asked 'what does a car window cost?' but there is no unequivocal answer to that question. The prices do not only vary per brand and model, but it also depends on, for example, the extra options such as a heat-resistant coating and possible sensors or car window heating. In all cases, however, it goes without saying that this is a lot cheaper than a brand dealer. This is because you can buy after market car windows here. These come from exactly the same factory and are of the same high quality as automotive glass sold by a brand dealer. However, due to the absence of a brand logo, non-brand dealers are also allowed to sell after market car windows. This makes the price much better for you. Here's what a new windscreen costs.

Windscreen Opel Cascada

€ 209.00

Windscreen Opel Cascada with rain sensor

€ 219.00

Windscreen Opel Cascada with camera and rain sensor

€ 229.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

How can I replace the Opel Cascada windscreen?

It is possible through us to have the windscreen replacement of your Opel Cascada. By simply ordering the car window with the right options together with additional products such as lists and car window glue, you can easily replace your own windscreen. With many suppliers of car windows it is not possible to order separate car windows, but we offer this extra service.

If you don't have the knowledge to replace the Opel Cascada windscreen yourself, our certified partners will be happy to assist you. They even come on location for replacing the windscreen and ensure that you can get back on the road safely in no time at all. So do not pay the main price at a brand dealer, but choose high quality with excellent service for a low price.