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Windscreen replacement Opel Adam, what are the possibilities?

Before we go into the details of the possibilities for cheap windscreen replacement of the Opel Adam, it is interesting to take a look at the history of the car. The Opel Adam is a relatively new car that has been in production since 2012. The car was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in that year. Due to its handy size, it is an often seen model in many cities. The possibilities for variation also give the Opel Adam an advantage over competing models. It is of course possible that for any reason the windscreen of your Opel Adam will break, especially if you use your car a lot and intensively. In that case it is good to know that replacing an Opel Adam windscreen does not have to cost you the main price. Prices are often high for brand dealers, but by choosing an after market windscreen it is possible to replace the Opel Adam windscreen at an advantageous price. We would like to explain the possibilities we offer and go into the history of the Opel Adam. In the following we will tell you more about the variants of this car that are available.

The history of the Opel Adam

The most striking thing about the Opel Adam is perhaps the name. In 1837 a certain Adam Opel
was born in Germany. He became the founder of the Opel empire, which in his time was mainly occupied with sewing machines and bicycles. It was after his death that his sons came up with the idea of making cars, and so one of the largest and most important car brands in the world came into being. The name of the Opel Adam is certainly not out of place. Despite the fact that the group has not been owned by the family since about 1930, it was decided to take advantage of the company's glorious past. With the Opel Adam, the founder of Opel finally has a car named after him.

Many possibilities to personalize

A strong point of the Opel Adam is that it is a car that you can change a lot about. Not only the colour of the paint is easy to choose, but also certain parts such as the roof and bumpers can be made in various colours. Opel itself claims that no less than 61,000 different combinations are possible! Because of this it will certainly not happen often that two exactly the same Opel Adam cars meet each other. However, it is always possible to have a windscreen replacement for the Opel Adam simply. There are no different components and no different colours in it. Only 2 windscreens are available, with and without rain sensor.

In addition to customising the exterior, the interior can also be customised. There are more possibilities here, namely more than 82,000. By personalizing the Opel Adam it is a car that is much in demand by people who want a special car. It is easy to make the car exactly as you like it. In addition to the outward adjustments, there are different levels of equipment for the Opel Adam. These are the following:

  1. Standard
  2. Adam Jam (luxury version)
  3. Adam Glam (luxury)
  4. Adam Slam (sporty)

It depends on the model what the extra options are. For example, there is a blind spot warning available and, depending on the equipment level, parking aids and a touch screen in the Opel Adam.

In addition to the equipment levels, there are two other variants available that differ more from the standard model. These are:

  1. Adam Rocks
  2. Adam S.

The Adam Rocks is tougher in appearance and a bit higher and longer. The Adam S is the sports edition with a lot more HP's and therefore has a higher top speed and acceleration. However, it does not matter to us what kind of variant and what kind of colour combinations you have. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to have a windscreen replacement for a Opel Adam, this is always possible with us.

When should I replace the windscreen of an Opel Adam?

Replacing an Opel Adam windscreen is necessary if the windscreen is cracked by a window damage. Unlike a side window, for example, the windscreen cannot simply fall into a thousand pieces. This is because of the double layer of glass and the special treatment the window gets. Between the two layers of glass there is a PVB film
layer. This film sticks on both sides and in this way ensures that the two layers of glass are held together in the event of a window breakage. In addition, rapid heating and slow cooling of the window increase the strength.

There are many reasons why a windscreen replacement of an Opel Adam is necessary. It is possible, for example, that a crack may occur in the window as a result of rubble. It also happens that after a collision the window needs to be replaced. Another common cause is vandalism. It is not mandatory to immediately replace the windscreen of the Opel Adam if there is a crack in it. Nevertheless, it is very wise to do this quickly. A crack can develop rapidly if you continue to drive in the car. This reduces the strength of the window and the so-called 'stiffness'. In the event of an accident or, for example, glare caused by the reflection in the crack from the headlights from oncoming traffic, this can cause major problems. Moreover, in a car like this, with a beautiful long windscreen, it does not look nice if there is a crack in it. The windscreen replacement of your Opel Adam will ensure that you can safely get back on the road and that the windscreen will look beautiful for many years to come. By the way, it is also possible to have a Opel Adam rear window replacement with us.

Why is a windscreen replacement of an Opel Adam here so cheap?

At a brand dealer, replacing an Opel Adam windscreen is an expensive affair. This is because only brand dealers are allowed to sell a car window with a brand logo. As a result, they can set the price for a large part themselves. It is possible to buy an after market window from us. These windows come from exactly the same factory and are therefore of the same high quality. However, the price is much lower because there is no brand logo printed on it. In this way it is possible to save many hundreds of euros with the windscreen replacement of a Opel Adam. A new after market windscreen costs:

Windscreen Opel Adam

€ 199.00

Windscreen Opel Adam with rain sensor

€ 229.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Another cost-saving method of replacing the windscreen of an Opel Adam is to do it yourself. By ordering all necessary parts from us, it is certainly possible for a good do-it-yourselfer to make the car ready to drive again. However, even if you prefer to have it done by professionals, you are at the right address with us. Our certified fitting partners can provide you with excellent on-site assistance. Also in this way, the windscreen replacement of your Opel Adam is a lot cheaper than through a brand dealer. Take a look at our collection or order directly with or without assembly.