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Windscreen replacement Opel Frontera at low cost

The windscreen replacement of your Opel Frontera can run into the paper when you have it done by a brand dealer. Fortunately, there is a cheaper way to solve this problem, by having us replace the Opel Frontera windscreen. The prices we charge are considerably lower than at a brand dealer, thanks to the after market car windows we offer. In this article you can read more about these products and the reason we can keep prices low. We also provide more information about the production of automotive glass and the differences between, for example, side, rear and front windows. Before we go into the subject, we dive into the history of the Opel car brand and the remarkable Opel Frontera model.

Opel: from sewing machines and bicycles to cars

The German company Opel was founded as early as 1862. Of course, cars did not yet exist at that time, but the founder Adam Opel
started producing sewing machines in that year. The young German soon turned out to be a natural talent. With the help of his wife Sophie - also a real entrepreneur - Opel became the market leader in sewing machines in Germany within twenty years. As a result, the five sons of Adam Opel were able to grow up in relative luxury. Soon the five boys became crazy about cycling. They all took part in competitions and won prizes throughout the country. This bicycle madness changed to father Adam, who started making bikes with his company Opel around 1886. This is also because it was a very lucrative market with relatively high margins on the products.

When Adam Opel died in 1895, the company came into the hands of his widow and sons. By then, Opel had become the market leader in Germany, both with its sewing machines and with the now very popular bicycles. The descendants of Adam Opel, however, had found a new passion. The emerging car industry in Germany attracted their attention. The company Opel attracted experienced and talented people in order to be able to plunge into this sector. Although this wasn't an immediate success, the perseverance of the Opel family was great. In 1909 this brought the first success when the Doktorwagen
 ('Doctor's car') was introduced. This affordable and above all very reliable car was the first hit of Opel. In the following years, many more excellent selling models would follow.

General Motors acquires Opel

What Opel did very well in the early years was to keep the cars affordable. By applying new production techniques, such as conveyor belts, Opel was able to offer much cheaper cars than its competitors. In 1928, therefore, Opel had a 37.5% domestic market share and was Germany's largest exporter of cars. The car was no longer just a luxury, but also something that the middle class could afford. This modern production method and good philosophy made the American General Motors interested in Opel. In 1929 GM bought 80 per cent of the shares and in 1931 the last 20 per cent followed.

This collaboration made Opel even more successful. The best elements of the parent company were combined with its own strength in order to achieve record-breaking sales figures. The factory in Rüsselsheim, the place where Adam Opel started its business, became the most productive car factory in Europe in 1937. The Second World War then threw a spanner in the works, but partly as a result of General Motors' intervention, production quickly returned to its former level after the war.

Many collaborations with other car brands

Partly because General Motors owned many other car makes, many of the group's models were sold under different names through co-engineering or rebadging. A good example of this is the Opel Frontera. This car appeared under more than ten different names at various car brands. The basis of all these cars is the Isuzu MU, which was introduced in 1989. This mid-size SUV was originally only made in Japan and only sold in Asia and North America. However, the success of this versatile car soon led to rebadged versions, such as the one we have just seen:

  1. Chevrolet Frontera
  2. Chevrolet Rodeo
  3. Holden Frontera
  4. Honda Jazz
  5. Honda Passport

From 1992 onwards, this list also included the Vauxhall Frontera and the Opel Frontera. It is handy that thanks to these many rebadged versions, the windscreen replacement of an Opel Frontera can also be done with a car window that fits in one of the other models. As a result, the price can often be lower than for less produced cars. The Opel Frontera appeared in two different editions, the Opel Frontera Sport and the Opel Frontera Wagon. The biggest difference between these editions is the wheelbase. In the Frontera Sport it is short and therefore there are only three doors. The wheelbase of the Wagon is long and the car is five-door. There were two faceliftings, in 1995 and 1998, but due to disappointing sales figures, the Opel Frontera was taken out of production in 2003. The replacement was the Opel Antara and from 2017 the Opel Grandland X will be the mid-size/cross-over SUV in Opel's range.

When should I replace the Opel Frontera windscreen?

Car windows are made in different ways. The windscreen of a car consists of three layers: two layers of glass and in between a layer of PVB film.
The two layers of glass are heated quickly and cooled down slowly. This makes them very strong. The PVB film is then placed between the two layers of glass, which prevents a car windscreen from breaking. However, the windscreen replacement of an Opel Frontera is necessary as soon as there is a multiple crack in the car window, or if the crack is in the direct view of the driver. The windscreen cannot be repaired as soon as it is cracked. A single crack that is not in the driver's view will allow you to continue driving, although this is not recommended.

The rear and side windows are made of a single layer of glass. These car windows are quickly heated and cooled. Because of this, they are very strong because of the tension that will be placed on them, but with a hard impact they will fall apart into thousands of pieces. However, this is safer for the occupants because large shards can cause a lot of damage. For replacement of rear and side windows of the Opel Frontera you can of course also contact us.

Cheap windscreen replacement Opel Frontera

The costs of window replacement are often high at brand dealers. This is because only authorised brand dealers are allowed to sell car windows with a brand logo. As a result, they have a monopoly position and can make the price higher than necessary. Through us, however, you can order after market car windows. This automotive glass comes from the same factory as automotive glass with brand logo and are of exactly the same high quality. However, in the absence of a brand logo, nonbrand dealers are also allowed to sell these products. The free market operation ensures lower prices for you as a customer. Cheap windscreen replacement of your Opel Frontera is therefore excellent possible with us.

Windscreen Opel Frontera B

€ 129.00

Windscreen moulding Opel Frontera B

€ 20.00

Windscreen Opel Frontera A

€ 119.00

Windscreen moulding Opel Frontera A

€ 20.00

Doing the windscreen replacement of your Opel Frontera yourself or do you have it done?

What is also special is that you have the choice with us to do the windscreen replacement of your Opel Frontera yourself or to have it done. With many other suppliers it is not possible to order the necessary products and to carry out the replacement yourself. By ordering only a separate car window through us, you are even more advantageous out.

Is your car window broken and do you not have the knowledge to do the replace the Opel Frontera windscreen yourself? Then our FOCWA certified assembly partners are at your service. They even come to you on-site to replace the windscreen and do this also at very attractive rates. If you want to get back on the road safely and quickly with your Opel Frontera, you can always count on our excellent service at low prices.