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Cheap windscreen replacement Opel Signum

Although the Opel Signum, published in 2003, was not a huge success, the windscreen replacement of your Opel Signum may be necessary if you are in possession of this car. Due to an accident, rubble or vandalism, for example, a crack in the windscreen has risen quickly. There is no immediate need to replace the Opel Signum windscreen when it is a single crack. However, it becomes a different story if it is in the direct view of the driver or if it concerns a multiple crack. A brand dealer can do the job quite well, but fortunately it can also be done at a much lower cost. In this article we will tell you how the windscreen replacement of your Opel Signum is possible through us at a much more attractive price. Before explaining this, we will dive into the history of Opel and tell more about the luxury family car Opel Signum.

Opel has been around for more than 150 years

Although cars have been manufactured for less than 150 years, the German company Opel itself has been in existence for more than 150 years. In 1862 it was founded in Rüsselsheim am Main by Adam Opel.
This young German was a son of a locksmith and planned to succeed his father. However, he had the opportunity to study in Paris and became acquainted with the sewing machine industry there. This sector attracted him more than the locksmith's profession. When he returned to Germany, he started a sewing machine factory with the help of his uncle.

This factory in an old barn grew astonishingly fast. Adam Opel apparently had a lot of business talent and was able to apply modern production techniques. His sewing machines became a great success. He could soon afford to leave the old cowshed and move into a modern building in the city. Here he also started with the production of bicycles. Since his sons were fanatical cyclists and Adam Opel thought the bicycle market was lucrative, the first Opel bicycle was made in 1886. Adam Opel died in 1895. The company he left to his five sons and widow had grown into a market leader in both sewing machines and bicycles.

Introduction of Opel into the car market

Only after the death of Adam Opel began the family business slowly but surely to focus on cars. In 1899, a car factory was taken over and the very first Opel car was produced with the help of various external parties. However, French carmakers were miles ahead and that was one of the reasons why the first models were not yet successful. The first car that really became a hit and was affordable for the normal people, was the 'Doktorwagen'
from 1909. This car also sets the tone for the course Opel has followed over the years. That is to make high quality cars at relatively low prices, in order to serve the middle segment.

A 1911 factory fire forced Opel to modernize its production line. This led to the introduction of the latest production techniques. This allowed Opel to make cars faster than many competitors and keep prices lower. In 1914, Opel became the largest manufacturer of motorized vehicles. When line production was introduced at Opel in 1924, cars could be made even faster. As a result, in 1928 Opel was the country's market leader with a market share of 37.5 percent.

Acquisition by General Motors

The American General Motors had been planning to conquer the European market for a long time. With the own brands, this was only achieved in a very limited way. Impressed by Opel's production methods and the German company's great successes, General Motors decided in 1929 to buy 80% of Opel's shares. Two years later, the remaining 20 percent followed, and Opel became fully American-owned.

Although there were, of course, many problems during the Second World War, General Motors resumed leadership soon after the war. Under American leadership, Opel became the giant player it still is today. Many successful models were introduced and cars such as the Opel Kadett, Opel Olympia,
Opel Kapitän
and Opel Rekord
made a lot of money. This was partly due to the fact that there were many synergy benefits for General Motors. The American conglomerate owned, certainly at the time, a very large number of different car brands. As a result, development costs could be significantly reduced. Many parts can also be found at various brands. There has also been much use of rebadging. This is in fact selling practically the same car under different brand names.

The family car Opel Signum or Vauxhall Signum

A good example of a car that could be made cheaper thanks to the synergy benefits of General Motors is the luxury family car Opel Signum. The General Motors Epsilon platform was used to make this car. This can be seen as the basis of a car on which different vehicles can be made relatively easily. In addition to the Opel Signum and Vauxhall Signum, the Epsilon platform has been used, among other things, in the following cars:

  1. Opel Vectra C
  2. Saab 9-3
  3. Chevrolet Malibu
  4. Cadillac BLS
  5. Pontiac G6
  6. Fiat Croma
  7. Saturn Aura

The Opel Signum resembles the Opel Vectra C in many aspects. This makes the windscreen replacement of an Opel Signum possible with the same car window as an Opel Vectra C. The Opel Signum is in many ways related to the Opel Vectra C. However, the Signum has a longer wheelbase and a more luxurious interior. Instead of a rear seat with three seats of the Opel Vectra, the Opel Signum has two electric seats with a cooled storage box in between. However, because the car looks quite similar to the Vectra, but was a bit more expensive, the Opel Signum was not a great success. The car was therefore only in production for five years, from 2003 to 2008. The Opel Insignia then became the new model in the more expensive segment of Opel.

Windscreen replacement Opel Signum at low prices

Replacing your Opel Signum windscreen can cause huge bills at a brand dealer. This is because at first only brand dealers are allowed to sell a car window with a brand logo. Because of this exclusive right to sell these car windows, brand dealers are asking you a lot more for the windscreen replacement of your Opel Signum than is necessary.

At Autoglas Concurrent, you can easily and quickly order after market car windows for your vehicle. This automotive glass comes from exactly the same factory as the car windows with a brand logo and are therefore also of a high quality. Because there is no brand logo on it, non-brand dealers are also allowed to sell these car windows. The competition between them means that the prices to replace the Opel Signum windscreen will be much lower for you. Replacing the car window without insurance therefore does not have to cost you so much.

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Windscreen Opel Signum

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Rain sensor + sun shade band + heat reflective

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Replacing the Opel Signum windscreen yourself or having it replaced

By ordering from us, the windscreen replacement of your Opel Signum by yourself is easy. Many other suppliers do not offer the possibility to order automotive glass without assembly. With us, however, this is possible, even the necessary rubbers and lists can be ordered easily. If you do not succeed in collecting the products from one of our partners, we will come and deliver your order with all the convenience.

If you do not have the knowledge to replace the windscreen of the Opel Signum yourself, our certified fitting partners are always at your service and even replace the windscreen on location. They make sure that you can quickly get back on the road safely with your car. Whether you have the windscreen of your Opel Signum replaced or do it yourself, you can always count on our excellent products and service!