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Inexpensive windscreen replacement for your Opel Movano

As an affordable and high-quality commercial vehicle, the Opel Movano has become a popular vehicle in the Netherlands. Since its introduction in 1999, two generations have appeared, each with many options for customising the car. If you have this car and are looking for a windscreen replacement for your Opel Movano, this can be done easily and cheaply through us. At a brand dealer the prices are considerably higher, but by ordering the windscreen from us you can easily save on costs. You can read more about how we keep the price low later on. We will first go into the history of Opel and the special collaboration that resulted in the Opel Movano.

Opel very quickly in American hands

Although Opel was founded in Germany in 1862 by Adam Opel, it was sold relatively quickly to the American General Motors. Opel began developing cars as early as 1898, but within more than 30 years it had become one of the market leaders in Germany. In 1929, General Motors decided to take over 80% of the shares, making Opel the first major European car brand of the American company.

During the Second World War and in the aftermath of it, the production of passenger cars was virtually at a standstill. Fortunately, Opel quickly recovered, thanks in part to the help of its American parent company. In the post-war years, Opel once again developed into a decisive company in the European car industry. Only Volkswagen managed to outperform Opel in terms of sales between 1960 and 1980. Over the years, many iconic cars have been produced, each of which has had a major impact on the further development of passenger cars. These are, for example:

  1. Opel Kadett
  2. Opel Manta
  3. Opel Ascona
  4. Opel Astra
  5. Opel Corsa

Many collaborations and rebatched cars over the years

Although many car makes have made multiple models in collaboration with other automakers, Opel's history in this field is very extensive. Because the company came into the hands of General Motors early on, there have been many rebatched versions of Opel models in America and vice versa, models of American brands have strongly influenced Opel cars.

In addition, Opel is, of course, strongly linked to Vauxhall, which only operates in Great Britain. This mark was also owned by General Motors. Almost all of Opel's models have been marketed in the UK as Vauxhall cars. Since 1988, Opel has even completely withdrawn from Great Britain. In addition, Opel cars were sold under the brand name Holden in Oceania. Especially in the United States, many rebatched versions of Opel cars have been for sale over the years. These are the ones, for example:

Collaboration with Renault results in Opel Movano

In addition to the cooperation between various car brands, all owned by its parent company General Motors, Opel has also worked with many other brands. The Opel Movano is a good example of this. This company car was conceived and produced together with Renault. As Renault has an alliance with Nissan, the Opel Movano was sold both as Renault Master and Nissan NV400. Later the Nissan NV400 was replaced by the Nissan Interstar. Of course you can also use us to replace the windscreen of these models.

When Opel stopped the iconic Opel Blitz
in 1975, which has been sold in many generations since 1930, it took a long time for the company to make a large company car again.  The successor was the Opel Movano, which only appeared on the market in 1998. The first generation of this medium-sized van was made up to and including 2010. After this, the second generation came onto the market and this model is still available at the time of writing.

A special feature of the Opel Movano is that it is available in many different versions. For example, the car is available in four different lengths and the wheelbase is also variable. In addition, there are three different heights available and there is a choice between front or rear wheel drive. The Opel Movano is also available as a minibus or van. This is possible because the number of seats in the car can vary from three to a maximum of nine people. The Opel Movano is also best known for its reliability and relatively low price. Like almost all Opel models, Movano is in the mid-range segment and has a very good price-quality ratio.

When is it necessary to have a windscreen replacement for my Opel Movano?

Replacing the windscreen is not required immediately if you have an asterisk or crack in the car window. An asterisk in the window can be caused by, among other things, rubble. This asterisk can grow into a crack. A crack can also occur directly as a result of, for example, a collision or vandalism. As long as it is a single crack, i.e. a crack without branches, and it is not in the direct view of the driver, it is not mandatory to replace the Opel Movano windscreen. However, if this crack spreads to a multiple crack or if you immediately have a multiple crack, the windscreen replacement of the Opel Movano is necessary.

The new windscreen price at a brand dealer is often higher than strictly necessary. This is because only brand dealers are allowed to sell a windscreen with a brand logo. This monopoly allows them to achieve a higher profit margin than would be the case in a free market situation. With us you can easily and quickly order an after market car window. Replacing both the front and Opel Movano rear windows is significantly cheaper with after market automotive glass. This is because there is no brand logo on the after market car windows. As a result, non-brand dealers are also allowed to sell these products, and the price is much lower. After market automotive glass comes from exactly the same factory as a car window with a brand logo and is therefore of exactly the same high quality. The only difference is the price that is favourable to you, take a look:

Windscreen Opel Movano B with rain sensor

from 2010

€ 159.00

Windscreen Opel Movano B

from 2010

€ 129.00

Windscreen Opel Movano A with rain sensor

from 1999 to 2009

€ 159.00

Windscreen Opel Movano A

from 1999 to 2009

€ 129.00

Replace the Vauxhall or Opel Movano windscreen yourself or have it done easily

With many suppliers of car windows it is not possible to order products and to replace the car window itself. We do, however, offer this. Replacing the windscreen of your Opel Movano in this way is obviously much cheaper than having it done by a brand dealer. Simply order a new windscreen and, if necessary, the frames and rubbers you need. Within a few days you will get it delivered to your home and you can use it yourself. It is also possible to collect the ordered products from one of our partners.

If you don't have the knowledge to replace the Opel Movano windscreen yourself, our certified assembly partners will be happy to help you and even come on-site to replace the windscreen. And even with our mobile service, the prices are considerably more attractive than at a brand dealer. By having the windscreen replaced by these experts, you can quickly get back on the road safely with your Opel Movano.