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Cheap windscreen replacement of an Opel Kadett

In the event of damage caused, for example, by rubble or an accident, you may need the windscreen replacement of your Opel Kadett. Although this can be quite expensive at a brand dealer, it can be considerably cheaper. In this article we will not only tell you how you can save a lot compared to a front window replacement at the brand dealer, but we will also discuss the interesting development of the Opel Kadett. The very long history of this model has been extremely important to Opel. Although the car has not been in production since 1991, there are still many of them on the roads. We also consider the possibilities of replacing the Opel Kadett windscreen at low prices and explain when you really need to replace the windscreen.

The pre-war Opel Kadett I and II

The first Opel Kadett rolled off the band in 1937 and was a cheaper and simpler version of the Opel Olympia.
The Olympia was introduced in Berlin in honour of the 1936 Olympiad, but at that time it turned out to be a too expensive car for many people in Nazi Germany. In those pre-war years, Adolf Hitler's NSDAP party came up with a savings system that required people to affix stamps in order to buy a car. This car, the first model of Volkswagen, was for sale for 999 German marks, but only with a full stamp booklet. The first Opel Kadett was almost twice as expensive, but could be bought freely by German residents. The name Kadett derives from the German Navy, as did the later Opel Admiral
and Opel Kapitän.

The sales figures, 107,000 pieces from 1937 up to and including October 1940, show that the Opel Kadett succeeded well in the set-up. It was a car for the normal man, who offered quality for a reasonable price. The Second World War brought an early end to the production of Kadett I and II. From the end of 1940 onwards, Opel's factories were used to support war production and, among other things, to make aircraft components.

What is special is that the Opel Kadett I and II were given a second life after the war. Although almost all of the Opel factories in Germany had been bombed, the Kadett factory in the east of the country was still intact. The Soviet Union took over this factory to compensate for losses in the war. The production of the Moskvitch 400/402
was started here. This car was almost an exact copy of the early Opel Kadett. This Moskvitch model was sold until 1956.

The post-war Opel Kadett generations

It took several years before Opel, with the support of its parent company General Motors, was able to return to full swing after the war. The new Opel Kadett A was introduced not until 1962. As in the pre-war years, this car was designed to compete with the Volkswagen Beetle. It was a relatively simple car, but it did have everything on board to make it a good compact family car. The lack of luxury elements resulted in a competitive price.

The Opel Kadett A was soon replaced by the Kadett B, in 1965. The reason for this was that Opel knew that the Kadett B was better than the previous generation. The Kadett B had a stronger engine, a better and wider design and was also available in many different types of bodywork. The appearance was also nicer and this version of the Kadett was the basis for the iconic Opel GT. With 2.6 million copies sold, the Opel Kadett B was a great success.

Global dominance began with the Kadett C, which went into production in 1973. This car was used as a basis for, among other things, bringing the following models to the market within the General Motors group:

  1. Vauxhall Chevette
  2. Chevrolet Chevette
  3. Isuzu Gemini

This version of the Kadett is also seen by lovers as the last 'real' Kadett. With the Opel Kadett D, the drive moved from the rear to the front.

The Kadett D was made from 1979 to 1984 and then succeeded by the Kadett E produced up to 1991. The convertible version of the Kadett E was two years longer in production. The model was constantly updated according to the most modern techniques and was able to keep up with the times. The Opel Astra can also be seen as the natural successor to the Opel Kadett. The first Opel Astra was therefore called the Astra F instead of the Astra A. The total sales figures of the Kadett/Astra line are more than 25 million copies, which makes it one of the most successful car lines of all time.

When do you need to replace the windscreen of your Opel Kadett or Vauxhall Kadett?

The windscreen replacement of an Opel Kadett is not required immediately when there is an asterisk or single crack in the car window. However, in the case of a multiple crack, or one that is directly visible to the driver, the Opel Kadett windscreen needs to be replaced quickly. This is because this situation involves several dangers. The windscreen has less stiffness due to the crack and is therefore not able to offer optimal protection in the event of an accident. In addition, sunlight and light from headlights may reflect into the driver's eyes through the crack, causing glare.

Replacing the windscreen of your Opel Kadett is necessary because these windscreens cannot be repaired. Like all other windscreens, the Opel Kadett windscreen is made of laminated glass. This consists of two layers of glass with a layer of PVB film
in between. The layers of glass are heated quickly and cooled slowly, which makes them very strong. The film ensures that the glass layers are held together in case of a hard impact. There will therefore be a crack, but the windscreen cannot fall apart into thousands because of the film and the production method. This is different for rear and side windows of your Opel Kadett. These are made of tempered glass and will break into many small pieces if impacted. Even if you want to replace one of these car windows, you can easily order it from our site.

Windscreen replacement of your Opel Kadett at the lowest price

We often get the question 'what does a windscreen cost?'. Due to the differences between the brands, models and different options, it is not possible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. In all cases, however, a brand dealer charges a higher price than is actually necessary. This is because in first instance only brand dealers are allowed to sell car windows with a brand logo. This gives brand dealers a monopoly position which allows them to keep prices higher than necessary.

The cost of replacing the windscreen is significantly lower thanks to the after market car windows we offer. This automotive glass is of exactly the same high quality, but do not have a brand logo. As a result, they can also be sold by non-brand dealers and free market forces lead to lower prices. Advantageous replacement of your Opel Kadett windscreen is therefore easy to realize with us. In the table below an overview of the price of a new windscreen.

Green tinted windscreen Opel Kadett E

€ 109.00

Bronze tinted windscreen Opel Kadett E

€ 109.00

Clear windscreen Opel Kadett E

€ 109.00

Windscreen moulding Opel Kadett E

€ 20.00

Let the windscreen replacement of your Opel Kadett done by us or do it yourself

With many suppliers of car windows it is not possible to order the necessary car window separately and place it themselves. We do offer you this option. This makes it even more attractive to use us for a windscreen replacement of your Opel Kadett. If you do not have this knowledge in-house, our certified fitting partners will be happy to assist you. They even come to you on-site to replace the windscreen and do this at attractive rates. Do you want to get back on the road safely with your car? Then benefit directly from our low prices for a new Opel Kadett windscreen and order with or without assembly.