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Windscreen replacement Opel Tigra at a competitive price

If you have had an accident or have been the victim of vandalism, for example, a windscreen replacement of your Opel Tigra may be necessary. This compact car was made for two periods by the German car manufacturer. The first generation was available from 1994 to 2001. Between 2004 and 2009, the Opel Tigra TwinTop was the successor. Both cars were not a huge success in the Netherlands, so replacing your Opel Tigra windscreen can be difficult for many companies. Through us, however, it is easy to have a windscreen replacement for the Opel Tigra. When you need to change the car window and how we keep prices low, you can read further on. First we tell more about the car builder Opel and the Opel Tigra.

Opel made big by General Motors

Opel was founded as early as 1862 by the name giver Adam Opel.
However, the company started producing sewing machines and bicycles. In both sectors, Opel was the market leader when founder Adam Opel passed away in 1895. His sons and his widow took over the company and took the first steps in the car market. Opel's first self-designed and homemade cars appeared in 1906. Thanks to a clever strategy, namely the production of high-quality cars at low prices, Opel also became the market leader in the automotive sector in its own country. In 1928, 37.5% of all sold cars were an Opel and it exported more cars than any other German car company.

The American General Motors was already a major player in many countries. In Europe, however, sales remained meagre. Impressed by Opel's modern production methods and excellent sales figures, General Motors decided to buy the company up. After 80 per cent of the shares in 1929, the remaining 20 per cent followed in 1931. Although the Second World War meant a brief interruption of the American administration, Opel quickly went upwards again. General Motors was able to develop the company into the leading car maker Opel is today.

Many successful and iconic cars made by Opel

The Second World War was followed by the period of reconstruction throughout Europe. Once this had been completed, the economy started to pick up again. Moreover, new technologies made cars relatively cheaper and, thanks to the higher income of many Western Europeans, suddenly affordable. Opel responded excellently to this by making good family cars. Opel's models were always in order, both technically and in terms of appearance. As early as 1953, more than 100,000 cars a year were sold by the German brand.

In the years that followed, Opel grew every year. Many of General Motors' losses in other countries and with other brands were offset by Opel's excellent sales figures. Special and now iconic models were introduced at that time. These are the ones, for example:

  1. Opel Kadett
  2. Opel Kapitän
  3. Opel Rekord
  4. Opel GT
  5. Opel Ascona
  6. Opel Manta

Later the Opel Corsa and Opel Astra, among others, were added. These models are still in production and have appeared in many generations.

Slowly but surely, however, Opel's sales figures were disappointing. In the end, 1999 was the last year in which Opel wrote black figures. For General Motors, the financial crisis that started around 2008 was the drop that made the bucket run over. Opel was put up for sale and the acquisition by the French PSA Group was completed in 2017.

The small and sporty Opel Tigra

One of the cars introduced to reverse the disappointing sales figures was the Opel Tigra. The first models were made in 1994. General Motors wanted to tap into a new audience with this small and sporty car. The car could be designed and manufactured relatively cheaply, because many parts corresponded to the second generation Opel Corsa. Moreover, the same car was also sold as a rebadged version under the name Chevrolet Tigra. In England it was of course the Vauxhall Tigra.

Although the Opel Tigra was reasonably successful in penetrating another market, the sales figures were not very good. This is partly due to the fact that the car falls between many other models. The Opel Tigra is smaller than many other cars of Opel, but again not really a sports car. In addition, the car is not much faster than the powerful versions of the Opel Corsa. Still it is a very nice and sporty car which was also for sale at a relatively low price. The more than 250,000 copies sold worldwide can certainly not be called a flop.

The Opel Tigra A was made from 1994 to 2001. This was followed by a few years without the Opel Tigra, after which the second version came into production from 2004 to 2009. This Opel Tigra TwinTop B was only for sale as a double seat and came standard with an easy to fold away roof. However, this model did not go over the counter so quickly, with more than 90,000 copies sold. The Opel Tigra was therefore finally taken out of production.

The price for a windscreen replacement at an Opel Tigra

We are often asked 'what does it cost to replace a car window?'. It is not possible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. The price of a car window depends, among other things, on the brand and model. In addition, additional options, such as sensors or heating, can provide a higher price tag. Fortunately, replacing your Opel Tigra windscreen is possible with us at the lowest price, thanks to the after market car windows that you can order here. Unlike a windscreen replacement of your Opel Tigra with a brand dealer, you don't have to pay the main price.

This is because only brand dealers are initially allowed to sell automotive glass with a brand logo. As a result of this exclusive right to the sale, brand dealers charge higher rates than necessary. By choosing after market windscreens, you can be sure that you can reduce the cost of replacing a car window. This is because these car windows do not have a brand logo. The operation of the free market means lower prices for you as a customer, so that you can replace your Opel Tigra windscreen at a much lower cost.

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Windscreen Opel Tigra TwinTop

from 2004 to 2010

€ 129.00

Windscreen moulding Opel Tigra TwinTop

from 2004 to 2010

€ 110.00

Windscreen Opel Tigra

from 1995 to 2000

€ 129.00

Windscreen moulding Opel Tigra

from 1995 to 2000

€ 30.00

Do you want to do the windscreen replacement for your Opel Tigra yourself?

Many competitors do not give the possibility to order the car windows separately, without assembly. At Autoglas Concurrent this is possible. In addition, you can easily order the necessary rubbers and lists. If you have the knowledge you need, you can replace the windscreen of your Opel Tigra yourself. This makes the price a lot better, because you do not have to pay for the assembly.

If you prefer to outsource the windscreen replacement of your Opel Tigra, our certified fitting partners will be happy to assist you. They even come on site to replace your Opel Tigra windscreen. In this case too, the price you find here is lower than at a brand dealer. So choose the best and most economical option to get back on the road safely with your Opel Tigra.