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Do you want a cheap windscreen replacement for your Opel Karl?

One of the affordable cars of the German car brand Opel that is currently available in our country is the Opel Karl. This mini class car is ideal for daily use in, for example, a city. Moreover, the price-quality ratio of the Opel Karl is very good, which is one of the reasons why the popularity of this car, which has been on sale since 2015, is still increasing. However, if you have had an accident or have been the victim of vandalism, for example, it may be necessary to have a windscreen replacement for your Opel Karl. Fortunately, you can replace the windscreen at low prices. You can read how this works and how we keep prices low here. First we will go deeper into the history of Opel and the Opel Karl.

Opel has been active as a car manufacturer for over 100 years

In 1862, the German Adam Opel founded the Opel company in Rüsselsheim am Main. Although everyone who associates the name with cars nowadays, the company was active in another area in the early days. The first products Adam Opel made in his uncle's barn were sewing machines. It soon became clear that Adam Opel had a lot of business talent at his disposal. Within a few years, his business grew to become the market leader in sewing machines in Germany.

Together with his wife Sophie Marie Scheller, Adam Opel had five sons. All five were fascinated at an early age by a new trend in mobility. The bikes that the boys brought in from England, however, were relatively expensive and were clumsy to ship in parts. Due to the passion of his sons and the opportunities to start selling bicycles in Germany, Adam Opel brought the first Opel bicycles to the market in 1886. In this area, too, the Opel went for the wind. After about 30 years, Opel had become the world's largest producer of bicycles. In 1936, however, the bicycle division was sold, after previously stopping the production of sewing machines. The most important reason for this? Opel's cars performed so well that this became the core function of the company.

Adam Opel's sons and widow start producing cars

Although Adam Opel founded the company, it is his widow and sons in particular who have made Opel the company that it still is today. Adam Opel died in 1895 and his family took over the baton. The first steps towards producing a private car were taken in 1898. Collaboration with other companies and the acquisition of a number of smaller automakers slowly but surely made Opel increasingly better at this new area.

It was not until 1909 that real success followed in the car industry. Then the very reliable and affordable Opel 4/8 PS was released. This model was also referred to as the Doktorwagen.
Many doctors who had to be able to go to patients quickly at that time used this car. Opel continued to develop rapidly as a car manufacturer and in 1929 the American General Motors took over 80% of the company. This takeover was very successful in the beginning, but obviously got quite a hit during the Second World War. In 1948, General Motors took over again and from that time on the company has grown into the brand we know today.

Opel as one of the market leaders in Europe

What's special is that Opel almost always had the same identity and core values. The Doktorwagen was already praised for its reliability and relatively low price in 1909. More than 100 years later, Opel is still a car manufacturer known for its values. They soon knew their place in the segment. They could not compete with real luxury automakers such as Mercedes and BMW and therefore it was decided to keep the cars in the mid-range segment. The affordable quality makes Opel affordable for the majority of the population of the Western world. By keeping the quality high, they also kept a head start on the really cheap automakers.

Over the years, Opel has had a lot of success with models such as:

  1. Opel Corsa
  2. Opel Kadett
  3. Opel Astra
  4. Opel Vectra
  5. Opel Vivaro

In addition, Opel is also a big name in England under the Vauxhall brand name and rebatched versions of Opel models were sold by the brands Chevrolet, Cadillac, Saturn, Holden and Buick.

As of 2017, Opel will no longer be owned by General Motors. The American company didn't want or couldn't afford the costs anymore to keep Opel running. Although the brand brought a lot of General Motors' money into the drawer, especially in the 1990s, Opel has not been profitable for a full year since 1999. Groupe PSA, which also includes the Peugeot and Citroën car brands, acquired Opel in 2017 for approximately USD 2.2 billion.

The solid and affordable Opel Karl

In 2015, the Opel Karl was launched as a replacement for the similar Opel Agila. What's special is that the car goes back to Opel's glorious past. Karl was one of the sons of the founder Adam Opel. De Opel Karl also shares many parts and techniques with the Chevrolet Spark. This, of course, is because Chevrolet and Opel were both owned by General Motors at the time.

A handy feature of Opel Karl is that it is compact and manoeuvrable, but has five doors. Furthermore, it is a car with few bells and whistles. The interior is solid but not spectacular and the same can be said about the exterior. The 1.0 litre engine is not extremely strong but spicy enough to drive around daily on different types of roads. In addition, the car is quite economical and relatively luxurious for the price. The car is certainly not expensive, and if this is contrasted with the functions and performance of the Opel Karl, it is striking that it is an excellent purchase.

If you have purchased this car for these reasons you may be looking for a inexpensive way to replace your Opel Karl windscreen. Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to go to a brand dealer to pay the main price. With us, a windscreen replacement of your Opel Karl is much cheaper. This is because we offer after market car windows. They do not have a brand logo and may therefore also be sold by non-brand dealers. The price is therefore much lower and partly because of this it is best to replace the car window through us.

Windscreen Opel Karl

€ 159.00

Windscreen Opel Karl with camera

€ 209.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Have the windscreen replacement of your Opel Karl done by us or do it yourself?

No single answer can be given to the question 'what does a new windscreen cost'. This is because the price of the windscreen often varies per brand and model. There are also various options, such as windscreen heating or a special coating that can make a windscreen more expensive. It is good to know that you can also find the right windscreen for many other cars. In all cases, we also keep the price low.

You can also have the windscreen replacement of your Opel Karl done through us. Simply order the windscreen you need and get started. If you do not have this knowledge in-house, however, our certified fitting partners will be at your service with enthusiasm. They will be happy to replace the windscreen of your Opel Karl on location. In both cases, replacing the windscreen is considerably cheaper than at our competitors. If you want to get back on the road safely and quickly with your Opel Karl and you are looking for the highest quality car window at the lowest price, then this is the place to be.