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When is a windscreen replacement of a VW Sharan mandatory?

In the event of a damaged windscreen, do you have to have the damage repaired immediately or not? The answer to this question can be either yes or no. A windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Sharan is in certain circumstances mandatory. This is particularly true at a time when the glass damage may be perceived as a nuisance for the driver or when the crack has a branch. Does your glass damage consist of a single crack without a branch and is it not located in the driver's field of view? In this case, the windscreen does not need to be replaced immediately. This does not detract from the fact that it is still highly recommended. Have you had to deal with a broken car window with your Volkswagen Sharan and are you looking for an interesting solution? In that case we will be happy to tell you how you can replace a VW Sharan windscreen qualitatively without having to take into account a high price tag.

Available since 1996

The Volkswagen Sharan was launched in 1996. A striking fact about this type of Volkswagen is that the costs for developing the vehicle were shared with that other popular car brand Ford. Perhaps we do not have to find this very striking, because exactly the same car is also produced under the flag of Ford. At this car brand, the VW Sharan is simply called 'Ford Galaxy'. Within the Volkswagen Group, this popular car has also been released as 'Seat Alhambra'.

Help, I have damage to my VW Sharan windscreen!

The replacement of a windscreen has the reputation of being accompanied by a hefty price tag. This causes a lot of people to panic immediately when a windscreen replacement of their VW Sharan is required. There are many cases in which people have their windscreens replaced unnecessary. If there is an asterisk, for example, this damage can be repaired much more easily. In addition, many people still think that replacing a Volkswagen Sharan windscreen in the event of damage is always mandatory in order to avoid disapproval of the car inspection. That is not right either. It is not only the size but also the place where the damage is located in your windscreen that will ultimately determine whether it must be repaired for the car inspection control or not.

How does a damaged windscreen occur?

It goes without saying that the windscreen of a car is always freely susceptible to damage. This is not only because of its position at the front of the vehicle, but also because of the considerable surface area it occupies. However, how exactly does a damaged windscreen occur? There are various reasons for this, namely:

  1. A stone that flies against the windscreen at high speed.
  2. A bird or a swan that pops against the car window.
  3. An accident.
  4. Vandalism.

Whether or not the windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Sharan is immediately necessary always depends on the situation that lies at the cause of the damage. Is it just an asterisk? In that case, your car window does not need to be replaced. However, we do recommend that you have them repaired as soon as possible. This is the only way to prevent the asterisk in your Volkswagen Sharan windscreen from growing into a big crack.

Launch of the second generation Volkswagen Sharan

In the year 2010, the second generation VW Sharan appeared on the market. The model was slightly larger than its predecessor and is equipped with sliding doors. For the second generation of this car, a choice can be made between a 1.4 TSI and a 2.0 Petrol TSI. There were also two diesel engines available.

What is the price for a new windscreen of a Volkswagen Sharan?

Before you outsource the car window replacement to a particular party, you will want to have a clear idea of the cost of a new windscreen of a Volkswagen Sharan that you will have to pay. If you want to keep this price as low as possible, it is always advisable to choose an after market windscreen for your VW Sharan. Such a windscreen does not have a brand logo, which ensures that the price can be reduced duly. Moreover, with such a windscreen you do not have to fear any loss of quality, on the contrary. They are made in the same factory as the original ones and are also part of the same production line.

Outsourcing the windscreen replacement of your VW Sharan

If you have already informed other glass repairers, you will probably have noticed that windscreen replacement prices can vary considerably. As far as windscreen replacement is concerned, there are two things you can do. Or you can choose to carry out the replacement yourself or you can outsource this to an expert. If you make the latter choice, it is recommended that you call upon one of our certified assembly partners. They have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Sharan can be done in the most efficient way. In addition, the glass damage can be repaired not only at one of the service points, but also on site. The latter is particularly interesting for people who are dealing with a completely shattered windscreen. Would you not only like to reduce the cost of a new VW Sharan windscreen, but would you like to be assured of the best possible quality and service? Then choose to call on our services when you want to replace the windscreen of your Volkswagen Sharan!