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Windscreen replacement of a VW Multivan in case of damage

After the introduction of the VW Transporter T4, it soon became clear that there was a need for a more luxurious family variant. It appeared on the market in the form of the Volkswagen Multivan in September of the year 1990. After ten years, the concept of the Multivan was further developed and the Multivan MK2 appeared on the market. This new version of the Multivan is equipped with a sliding system for the swivel chairs that have a three-point seat belt. Have you chosen to buy a VW Multivan, but were you confronted with windscreen damage during one of your trips? In that case, our windscreen replacement solution for a Volkswagen Multivan can be particularly interesting for you!

When is the windscreen replacement of your VW Multivan mandatory?

When you are confronted with damage to your VW Multivan windscreen, there is an immediate assumption that you are obliged to have the windscreen replaced immediately. This is not always the case. For example, the windscreen replacement of a VW Multivan is not mandatory in the following situations:

  • When there is an innocent asterisk.
  • When a single crack is located out of the driver's field of view.

That the damaged windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Multivan is not always a requirement does not mean that it is not recommended, on the contrary. Even a small asterisk, if not correctly and quickly repaired, can become a burst with all the consequences that entails. Moreover, it is always important to remember that the stiffness of your car's chassis is approximately 40 percent achieved by the available automotive glass. Once it has been damaged, its stiffness can be compromised.

Not available in the Netherlands for a long time

It is quite possible that the Volkswagen Multivan doesn't sound familiar to you right away. This has everything to do with the fact that, for example, the T4 version was never officially imported into Europe. This changed with the launch of the T5. Moreover, this version of the VW Multivan immediately became quite popular in our region, so that Volkswagen realised that it had probably made a considerable mistake in its earlier decision not to launch it on the European market.

What is the cheapest option for a car window replacement?

Choosing the cheapest option for a car window replacement means that you can save a lot of money in practice. Moreover, it is not at all the case that you have to fear a certain loss in terms of quality, on the contrary. When you want to order a new windscreen in your Volkswagen Multivan it is always possible to choose between these two options:

  1. An original windscreen
  2. An after market windscreen

In most cases, when you replace a Volkswagen Multivan windscreen, people automatically choose an original car window with a brand logo. This brand logo may seem like a minor visual adjustment (and in principle it is), but in practice it still creates a very considerable price difference. Even second-hand original automotive glass is often more expensive than a new after market one. Do you want to reduce the price of the VW Multivan windscreen replacement without losing quality? Then it is always worthwhile to choose an after market copy.

Outsourcing your VW Multivan windscreen replacement

For garage owners it is possible to replace the windscreen of your Volkswagen Multivan themselves. Hobbyists can also take care of this task themselves. Most of the people who are confronted with glass damage want to outsource the repair to a real expert. That is another possibility. Despite the low cost of the windscreen replacement of your VW Multivan, our certified partners can guarantee you the best possible solution for your problem. We have already indicated to you how you can obtain the best price for the windscreen of your Volkswagen Multivan, but now you can also significantly reduce the cost of replacement.

Windscreen replacement of a VW Multivan with insurance

Do you call upon one of our different certified assembly partners for the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen Multivan and are you third-party, fire and theft or comprehensive (all risk) insured? In that case, you can count on an additional advantage. Despite the fact that you are covered against glass damage by means of these insurances, it is true that you always have to deal with a certain deductible. This deductible is waived up to a maximum of 150 euros. This makes repairing the damage to the Volkswagen Multivan windscreen even more financially interesting.