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Windscreen replacement Saab 9-7X at low cost

The Swedish car company Saab has unfortunately not been producing any new cars since 2012. There are lucky still a lot of Saab vehicles driving around in the world. Several models were successful and the sales figures were excellent for a long time. One of the last cars that Saab has made is the Saab 9-7X. If you have this car in your possession and for example have had an accident, or have been the victim of vandalism, then the windscreen replacement of your Saab 9-7X may be necessary. However, there are different types of window damage and changing the windscreen is not always immediately necessary. It is important to know what to do and when and how to replace the windscreen of a Saab 9-7X at low cost. First we will take you into the history of the now inactive car company Saab.

Saab founded after the Second World War

The name Saab is actually remarkable for a car company. This stands for Svenska Aeroplan AB. There is a simple explanation for this if you look at the history of Saab. The company was originally founded in 1937 for the development and production of fighter planes and related military products. When the demand for this type of material fell sharply after the end of the Second World War in 1945, the company had to focus on a different market. This became the automotive industry and so Saab Automotive was founded in 1945.

The Swedish car company was therefore relatively late in business. Many major car brands in Europe and America started making cars at the beginning of the 20th century. However, due to this delay Saab was also able to achieve many benefits. Certainly because Sweden, which remained neutral in the post-war years, did not have to process as much as other European countries. By not reinventing the wheel, but cleverly applying new techniques from the aviation industry, for example, and not being limited by how standard cars were made, Saab was able to apply many new gadgets in the cars.

Rise and growth of Saab

Due to the high quality of the cars and the many innovations introduced in the Saab models, the car brand quickly became a hit in the Netherlands. The first car, the Saab 92,
was launched in 1949 and the sales figures were very good for the first model of a new brand. The Saab 92 was followed by the Saab 93,
Saab 94,
Saab 95
and in 1960 the Saab 96.
This model, in particular, is important in the history of the Swedish car brand. With more than 550,000 copies sold, it was the first Saab car that also became a success outside its own country. Special innovations in the Saab 96 included the front seat belts, front wheel drive and the ability to freewheel.

Saab's success made Scania collaborate with the car maker in 1969. In 1973, the millionth Saab was then made and sold. Subsequently, cooperation with Fiat in Italy, among other things, ensured that sales figures continued to rise. The Saab 600, Saab 900 and Saab 9000 are models that were introduced in those years and have had a major impact on the development of the company, despite varying sales figures. The year 1989 is also important. At that time, General Motors became the owner of Saab for 50%. The interference of the US company allowed many synergy benefits to be achieved. New Saab models produced after this year have almost all been produced on a General Motors platform.

Introduction of the Saab 9-7X

In 2000, General Motors took over the remaining 50% of Saab's shares and thus became the sole owner of the Swedish car brand. This led to some rebadged cars, like the Saab 9-7X. This mid-size SUV is based on the GMT 360 platform which was also used for the following cars:

As a result, several parts of all these cars can also be used for the models of the other brands. For example, if you need the windscreen replacement of your Saab 9-7X or some other repair, it may be worth looking at the available spare parts for these cars as well. Buying exactly the right car window is of course important, because a car window that does not fit perfectly can cause a lot of problems.

A special aspect of the Saab 9-7X is that it is one of the few Saab models that was never made in Sweden. Almost all other models of Saab were, at least partially, produced in Trollhättan, where Saab's head office was located. The Saab 9-7X was sold mainly in America through the use of a different factory in Ohio. However, the sales period was not very long. The introduction of the Saab 9-7X was in 2005 and already in 2008 was the model taken out of production due to disappointing sales figures and the crisis, which hit General Motors hard.

Windscreen replacement of your Saab 9-7X

Because the Saab 9-7X is not sold very much, it can be difficult to find suitable car windows for this car. Fortunately, you can easily and quickly get the right car windows into your home via us. This is because we have after market automotive glass in stock for many brands and models. These car windows are of exactly the same high quality as the car windows sold by brand dealers. The only difference is that there is no brand logo on this after market automotive glass and therefore they can also be sold by non-brand dealers. The price for you as a car owner is therefore considerably better.

The windscreen replacement of your Saab 9-7X is not directly necessary when you have damage to the car window. Especially when it comes to an asterisk or a small crack that is out of the driver's sight, replacing your Saab 9-7X windscreen is not a job that needs to be done immediately. This is not the case when there is a major crack or when the crack is in the driver's view. This is because a large crack will reduce the stiffness of your car. As a result, the occupants do not have optimum protection in the event of an accident. In addition, the windscreen replacement of your Saab 9-7X is required in the event of a visible crack, as sunlight and light from oncomming traffic can reflect through the crack and cause glare to the driver. These dangerous situations mean that you have to quickly find a way to replace your Saab 9-7X windscreen at low cost.

Replace your Saab 9-7X windscreen or have it replaced

With our cheap car windows the windscreen replacement of your Saab 9-7X is also possible when you want to do this yourself. Simply order the car window you need. We make sure that you receive your order quickly, so that you can replace your Saab 9-7X windscreen yourself at low cost.

Windscreen Saab 9-7X

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Windscreen Saab 9-7X with rain sensor

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Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

If you prefer to leave this to professionals, our certified assembly partners will be happy to assist you. They even come on location to replace the windscreen of your Saab 9-7X. In this case, too, the cost of replacing a car window is considerably lower than that of other suppliers and garages. Replacing your Saab 9-7X windscreen does not have to be an expensive business when you choose the best value for money and place your order here.