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Windscreen replacement of the Saab 9000: the saviour of Saab

The windscreen replacement of a Saab 9000 is a special job. This Swedish car is a special model in the history of Saab. It is the successor of the Saab 900. About half a million copies were made of this car. It is a product of collaborations with other car manufacturers, but in the end Saab decided to go his own way. The objective: to create a car model for the American market, but also to save Saab itself. At the moment the Saab 9000 came out, things were not going well for the Swedes. That's why a completely new model with a different design was developed. The Saab 9000 windscreen was replaced by a window that didn't even look like the one of the Saab 900. Did the Saab 9000 turn the tide for the car manufacturer from Scandinavia?

The Saab 9000, the model with its own character

The Saab 9000 has been in production for 14 years. The Swedish car manufacturer has a major problem at the very beginning. In the 70s, Saab's wallet was empty, so there wasn't enough money to make a new type. That is why the Swedes decide to cooperate with Lancia. The result is the Lancia Delta, the car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.
In Sweden, the car was marketed as the Saab-Lancia 600.
This model had the wheel suspension and bodywork of the Fiat Ritmo,
but was a larger and more luxurious car. The model was not a success, but it did attract a lot of attention in the Netherlands, where this model was also produced.

At the end of the 1970s Saab and Lancia decided to work together again. Saab wants to bring a model on the market that makes the Saab 900 forget and wants to compete with Audi, BMW, Mercedes and of course especially Volvo. The cooperation has not been a success. Fiat and Lancia had just decided to completely abandon the American market because they were only making losses. Saab wanted to go to America with the new model to get a larger market, in order to be able to fill the wallet again. Both producers decided to go their own way, but Giugiaro remained the designer of the new Saab. The idea: 80% of the car had to be the same as its predecessor. In the end, only twelve of the 155 body parts would be identical to those of the Saab 900.

The introduction of the Saab 9000

The new Saab 9000 was presented in the zoo of Kolmården
on May 24, 1984. Saab had the type ready earlier than Fiat and Lancia and also won Alfa Romeo, who after the departure of Saab had come into view. Above all, however, it was a prototype that still needed to be tested by the press. In Sweden, there was a lot of criticism on the car. Saab was accused of allowing too much foreign influence and of denying his own Swedish way. The rear of the car was very similar to that of the Renault 25 and the windscreen was replaced: the Saab 9000 got a larger windscreen that was considerably flatter than that of the Saab 900.

The 9000 was mainly a larger car, despite the fact that the car is 12 inches shorter than the Saab 900. However, the bumper is integrated into the bodywork, providing more space for the occupants. This also has to do with the engine that lies crosswise under the bonnet, saving another 25 centimetres of space.

The importance of the Saab 9000

The Saab 9000 has been an important model for Saab and the Swedish car industry. This can be clearly seen in the way the car was received. International reviewers were astonished: according to them, a small car manufacturer from Sweden could never build a car like the Saab 9000. Saab was in the news worldwide, also because of the performance of the car itself and the prizes it won.

A few facts in a row:

  1. The basic models were equipped with a 130hp engine without turbocharger
  2. The Aero models are equipped with a 150, 170 or 200 hp turbocharged engine
  3. A total of 503,087 copies were made. It is estimated that more than half are still driving at the moment. It is certain that 126,000 copies are still in use in Sweden
  4. The Saab 9000 was to be succeeded by the Saab 90 000, an ambulance, but it was never released by Saab

Spare parts and windscreen replacement of a Saab 9000

There are many copies of the Saab 9000 sold worldwide. As there are still many types in use, there is a high demand for spare parts. That market is well occupied, but if you need to replace your Saab 9000 windscreen, then it will be a different story. Repairing the car window is not always possible. Did you have a glass damage in the windscreen and did you drive it for too long, making it too big? Then your Saab 9000 windscreen needs replacing. Not only does the car look much better again, it also increases the value of this classic and of course makes the car considerably safer.

If you have the best for your car and its occupants, it is important that the windscreen of your Saab 9000 is replaced in time. Especially if you have been driving on for a long time with glass damage to your Saab. This is because the car windows largely determine the rigidity of the car's chassis. In addition, your Saab 9000 will be rejected at the car inspection if you have glass damage in the driver's view. This is right, of course, because the obstruction of vision is at odds with road safety.

Replace your Saab 9000 windscreen: more today than tomorrow

When you are looking for a partner to replace the Saab 9000 windscreen, you want the same quality as Saab had in mind when making your car. Compared to a second-hand car window, it is therefore also much wiser to opt for a new windscreen at a competitive price and with a guarantee. This way you will certainly get the best quality and service at the windscreen replacement of the Saab 9000. A new windscreen costs:

f the windscreen of the Saab 9000 needs to be replaced, you can choose for the windscreen with the Saab logo. However, this is mainly at a higher price. It can be much cheaper by looking at the after market car windows that are made according to the high requirements and standard of the car manufacturers. The fact that there is no Saab logo on the car window means, above all, that the costs are lower. This is interesting if you cannot claim under the insurance because you bought the car with glass damage, or the cause of the glass damage is outside your policy. A new windscreen costs:

Windscreen Saab 9000 with airbag logo

€ 149.00

Windscreen Saab 9000

€ 159.00

Windscreen moulding Saab 9000

€ 60.00

Optional fitting on location

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

The windscreen replacement of your Saab 9000 has probably been preferred today rather than next week. You want the best for your car and you are proud of your Saab 9000. We understand that. That's exactly why we make sure that replacing a Saab 9000 windscreen is arranged within two working days. You can then safely return to the road, or to the re-inspection if your Saab has been rejected for glass damage. A windscreen replacement of a Saab 9000 can be arranged directly at Autoglas Concurrent.