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Windscreen replacement of the Saab 900 - the success number that failed

Do you need the windscreen replacement of your Saab 900? More than a million copies of the Saab 900 were made. This has created a strong after market. As a result, there are many spare parts to be found for this type, as well as possibilities to replace the Saab 900 windscreen or to find rims and tyres for the models. Although many adjustments have been made to the Saab 900, the search for a new Saab 900 windscreen is not a challenge. The car windows for the Saab 900 Classic have remained the same in terms of size during all production years. The Saab 900 Cabriolet and Saab 900 New Generation windscreens differ from the standard sizes of the Saab 900 windscreen.

The Saab 900 is one of the classic models of Saab. The model was developed in the 1960s, put into production in 1978 and it was only in the late 1990s that production of this type was stopped. The older models (the Saab 900 Classic) are very popular with lovers of stable road holding. The Saab 900 was a success in the areas of technical excellence, sales figures and safety. But for Saab himself, the model became its own Cold War in the battle with the Volvo 240, and General Motors had to pull the brakes in the end.

The Nordic battle: Volvo 240 vs. the Saab 900

The Swedish car market was characterised by the battle between Volvo and Saab, who fought for market share both domestically and outside Sweden. In particular, the battle between the Volvo 240 and the Saab 900 is one that goes down in history:

  • Both models were developed in the 1960s
  • Both models were made until 1993
  • Constant adjustments and innovations have been made
  • Manufacturers monitored developments at the competitor on a daily basis
  • Both models were launched with labels such as 'Swedish', 'safe' and 'best tested'.

The battle is still being fought today by lovers of classic cars. Most types of both models can still be found in traffic, especially in Sweden. Although there are many websites and forums about it, there is no winner. Choosing a Volvo 240 or Saab 900 is a matter of taste.

The consequences of the battle for Saab

Saab has invested a lot of time and money in the battle for market share. The Saab 900 was developed to take over the Saab 99 in the higher segment. However, the many changes to the model cost a lot of time and making the parts cost too much money. That is why General Motors stopped producing the Saab 900. Not because it was not a successful model. On the contrary, it is still referred to as one of Sweden's safest and most comfortable cars. But the car manufacturer itself made hardly any profit on it.

The Saab 900 can be found in three types, including several variants:

  1. Saab 900 Classic (1978-1993)
  2. Saab 900 Convertible
  3. Saab 900 New Generation (1993-1998)

Windscreen replacement for the Saab 900: what is the size of the 900?

There are many adjustments made to the Saab 900 Classic and there are several types made. However, all models made between 1978 and 1993 have a Saab 900 windscreen with the same dimensions, namely 69.4 x 145.4 centimetres. With these cars it is not necessary to check the dimensions of the new Saab 900 windscreen when replacing it. This does not mean that Saab used the same car windows for all models. For example, different colours have been used for the glass and the Saab 900 Classic models, which were made after '88, have been given a solar protection layer in the top of the windscreen.

Windscreen replacement of an older Saab 900 is a matter of patience. If glass damage occurs and it is too late for automotive glass repair, the windscreen must be replaced. It is important that the rubbers are smooth so that the removal of the old window can be done easily. When installing the new car window, the rubbers must also be well lubricated (window spray is recommended) so that the new Saab 900 windscreen can be easily pushed into the groove. After applying the window rubber to the windscreen, a thin string (preferably 4 mm thick) is placed between the windscreen rubber after which the car window is placed against the groove. After this, the new window can be pulled into the groove from the inside with the window rubber.

If you have a clean and dry place with enough space and a person who can assist you with the job, it will take at most a few hours. Then you must have the right automotive glass for the Saab 900 of course. If you are not sure about the right car window, please contact us. Is the rear window of your car damaged? Also for the Saab rear window replacement you can just contact us.

Looking for the best price for a new Saab 900 windscreen

Because the car window replacement prices are important, it is good to take a look at the alternatives. You want a Saab 900 windscreen that will make your classic safe and stylish again. You do not need a new windscreen with a Saab logo for this. The Saab logo is mainly for extra costs. A Saab 900 car window for the after market is a great choice if you want to choose quality. These are specially made for the Saab models, but are much cheaper than the original windows. It is not recommended to use second-hand car windows when the Saab 900 windscreen needs to be replaced. Used automotive glass can have scratches or, for example, damage to the head end. Especially if the damage is not yet visible, this will cause problems during installation. The price of a new windscreen for a Saab 900 is:

Windscreen Saab 900 1978-1993

€ 149.00

Windscreen Saab 900 1994-1998

€ 199.00

Windscreen Saab 900 convertible 1994-1998

€ 289.00

Optional installation on site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Did you suffer the glass damage while driving in your Saab and do you have a car insurance with a wider coverage than the mandatory third-party insurance? Then first inform yourself about the possibilities under your insurance policy. If the car has been purchased with glass damage, then no claim can be made to the insurance. The damage did not occur during the term of the insurance. A new Saab 900 windscreen is then not covered by your insurance.

Windscreen replacement for the Saab 900: doing it yourself or outsourcing it?

The windscreen of a car has a number of important functions. It determines for about 40% the stiffness of the chassis, which is an important function for a classic. In addition, the car window provides protection for all occupants of the car and the interior of the car itself. This means that the Saab 900 windscreen gets a lot to endure every ride. There is tension on the automotive glass, the wind is captured and removed by the windscreen and rain, hail and other weather influences are kept out of the car. To be able to fulfil all functions, the Saab 900 windscreen replacement must be done in the right way, with the right glue and the right amount of glue so that no moisture can get under the windscreen of the Saab 900.

If you are not sure where you need to pay attention to and do not want to run an unnecessary risk, we arrange the windscreen replacement of your Saab 900 by one of our partners. You will then receive the best quality and the guarantee with which you can be sure of craftsmanship. Are you experienced with the classic cars and are you looking for a Saab 900 windscreen and frames so you can get started yourself? Then too, you are at the right address at Autoglas Concurrent!