When will damage be compensated by the car insurance?

When will damage be compensated by the car insurance?

A crack in your windscreen caused by, for example, a stone is annoying enough. More than 30% of claims against car insurers consist of damage to glassware, but when can you claim this type of damage from your car insurance company? This article explains everything about glass damage and what the compensation of your car insurance is.

How often do I have to deal with glass damage?

Glass damage occurs to many road users, most road users face damage to their car windows once every 10 years. This damage is often caused by rubble or a smashed window in case of burglary. A small crack in a stone can quickly spread to a large crack in, for example, the windscreen. It is therefore important that you take timely action in the event of a crack in your car window.


When will the car insurance pay for this damage?

An insurance policy may compensate for damage to the windscreen and consequential damage caused by windscreen fragments. The aforementioned damage is not covered by a third-party insurance. What this damage can be covered by is in most cases when you are insured third party, fire and theft or comprehensive (all-risk). However, many car insurance policies require you to pay attention to which windows of your car are insured and which are not. With each car insurance it is different which windows are insured, with some for example the panorama is included and with some weather not. So before you take out a car insurance policy, it is wise to compare different car insurance policies. This way you can ensure that you are not suddenly faced with unexpected costs in the event of damage while you do have a comprehensive coverage.


Is repair really necessary?

You don't always have to replace your car window or have it repaired when it has an asterisk or crack. For example, you don't need to officially repair your window when:

  • The star is not branched. If the star in your window is not branched, you can officially drive through it.
  • As long as the kernel of the crack does not penetrate through the window film. If the kernel of the star does not pass through the film, you can also drive through it officially, so you do not have to have it repaired.


However, it is not always the smartest solution to wait to repair an asterisk. An asterisk or small crack can easily tear out or crack further due to temperature differences. The costs to have an asterisk repaired are still below €100.00 and the costs for a completely new window will quickly exceed €300.00. Whether it is wise to continue driving with an asterisk is therefore questionable, but when the asterisk meets these points you may legally continue to drive with it.


Repair of the damage; think of your car insurance deductible

If you want to have glass damage repaired, there are several things you need to look at before you actually do this. For example, you must pay close attention to your own risk when repairing or replacing windows. Each insurer has a different deductible that you have to pay when you claim glass damage and have it repaired. For example, there are insurers where you do not pay any deductible, but there are also insurers where you pay €500.00 deductible.


Choosing a repair company is also a very important step. Many insurers work together with a repair company. These companies are often the best choice in the eyes of the insurer. However, this does not always have to be the best choice for you and the costs for a repair at another company are much lower. Often the best choice is to have the glass damage done by the company that works with your insurance, because some insurance policies pay out minimal amounts if you have the glass damage repaired by another company. There are also car insurances where you do not have to pay any deductible whether or not you have the damage repaired by a company with which the insurer works. Does this seem like anything to you? The insurances you can then turn to are Allianz Nederland and Allsecur. Here you can compare different car insurances to find the best insurance company for your situation.


Hopefully this article will help you make a better choice when dealing with glass damage or its consequences. You can also choose to replace your window yourself, because you can easily order car windows on the internet at a good price. However, the disadvantage of this is that you still have to pay for the installation of the window, where this is included in a car insurance.