Crashed with a loaner car: what should you do?

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Crashed with a loaner car: what should you do?

Unfortunately, it can happen that everyone gets involved in a car accident. Especially if this is with a loaner car, this can lead to a lot of uncertainty. What should you do if you crashed with a rental car? We will be happy to inform you.

Determine what kind of loaner car it is

In all cases, a loaner car is about having a car accident with a car of which you are not or not yet the owner. In the first situation, we treat a car accident that happens to you with a loaner car from the car garage because your own car needs to be repaired or inspected. In such a case, you may have questions. In principle, you have nothing to do with the car, you drive it only because your own car is still in the inspection or needs to be repaired. The second situation is if you have had a car accident with a car whose car financing is still ongoing. In that case, it is also relevant to know whether you are liable or not.


Car accident with a loaner car from the garage


Inform your insurer

If you are involved in a car accident, this is very annoying. It is relevant to inform the insurer of the accident. If you have someone else's car under your control, you are in principle the one who is responsible. If you cause damage to a loaner car, this often means that you have to pay compensation for this damage. The owner of the car can recover the damage from you. However, it is relevant here who is to blame for the accident. If someone else is responsible for the accident, then the story will be different.


Insurance also for replacement vehicle

It is recommended that you check the terms and conditions of your car insurance to see what the cover is for damage to a replacement vehicle. Do you have a rental car because your own car needs to be inspected or repaired? In that case, the cover of your private car insurance will also apply to the loaner car. This is because it is a replacement vehicle for your own car. When it comes to a comprehensive insurance (also called all-risk), you can often expect that you will get the damage back from your own car insurance. The damage is not covered if you only have a third-party insurance.



Car accident with current car financing


Do you cause the accident yourself or are you not liable?

If you are involved in a car accident with a car that is still being financed, it is relevant to know how the accident occurred. Are you the cause of the accident or could you not do anything about it? If you are not liable for the accident, all your costs will be reimbursed by the other party. The damage will be determined by a professional. The compensation you receive is intended to ensure that you carry out a repair or that you redeem the financing. Did you cause the accident yourself? Then the situation will change. In most cases, your insurance will compensate the other party's damage, but often your own car will not be eligible for compensation. Is your car totally destroyed? Then you will have a problem. You will then have to look for a new car. In this case, it is advisable to ask your insurer for a good conversation in order to discuss the situation.


How do you get a good car loan?

If you are looking for a car loan, you will soon find that it is not easy to make a choice. Indeed, each supplier has different conditions which apply. If you apply for a loan, it is often valid for 2 to 6 months. During this period you will have plenty of time to find a new dream car. Before concluding a car loan, ask how it will be arranged if you are involved in a car accident to avoid unwanted surprises.


We hope that thanks to the above information you will now know how to handle when you crashed with a loaner car. It is also advisable to remain calm so that you can think carefully about the steps you need to take.