Want to buy a towbar? All points for attention in a row

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Want to buy a towbar? All points for attention in a row

Are you planning on buying a towbar but don't know what to look for? Especially nowadays there are many possibilities in the field of towbars. There are several removable, swivelling and fixed towing brackets. In addition, there are several cable sets where you have to make a choice between different types. In short, there are many points to consider when buying a new towbar. Here all the points for attention are listed.

Fixed, swivelling or removable towbar?

There are three types of towbar, namely a fixed, swivelling and detachable towbar. All types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of towbars.


Fixed tow bar

The fixed towbar is, as the name suggests, permanently attached to the car. A fixed towing bracket cannot be disconnected, so that the towbar always remains visible. Many people think this is a big disadvantage. The design of a car often remains an important aspect for people, especially for the real car enthusiasts. If a fixed towbar is fitted, people may be disturbed by it in the long run. Also, the towbar quickly gets dirty because the towbar is always attached to the car. This can cause rust and other dirty stains.


The big advantage of a fixed towbar is that it is relatively cheaper than a removable or swivelling towbar. This is mainly due to the main advantage of a removable or swivelling towbar, the option to dismantle or turn the towbar away.


Swivelling towbar

As the name suggests, you can turn the towing bracket away when you are not using it. This means that the towbar is not visible, while the towbar is still mounted. This is the big advantage of a swivelling towbar. The design remains intact and the towbar is very easy to use, because the towbar can simply be folded in and out.


However, there are also drawbacks to this type of towbar. The swivelling towbar is often the most expensive option of the three. This type is therefore often more expensive than the removable towbar. The difference between a rotating and a detachable towbar is in its ease of use. The swivelling is more user-friendly, which is reflected in the price.



Detachable towbar

The removable towbar is removable, as the name says. This has the same advantage as the swivelling towing bracket, namely that the towbar is not visible when you are not using the car part. Although the removable towbar has the same advantage as the swivelling towbar, it is somewhat less easy to use with this type of towbar. Every time you want to use the towbar again, you need to reattach the towbar to the connector. Although this is not a lot of work and can be done in a few seconds, you should get some skill in it.


The removable towbar is more economical than the swivelling towbar and generally more expensive than the fixed towbar. So this type is just in between. So if you do not want to spend too much money on a towbar but do enjoy the advantages, this type is a great solution.


Select wiring kit

A wiring kit is the part that supplies your trailer or caravan with current, so that they are also equipped with electricity. This is required, for example, for the brake lamps and direction indicators. A wiring kit is necessary if you want to drive with a trailer, where the lights are no longer clearly visible from the car. Almost all trailers, bike carriers, caravans, etc. require a wiring kit to provide the coupled part with light.


Different cable sets are available. There are two different types of connections, namely the 7-pin and the 13-pin connection. If, for example, your car has a 7-pole connection and your caravan has a 13-pole connection, then it is not correct. If this is the case, you will be required to purchase an adapter, so that the wiring set fits in well with both connections. So check the connections your car and trailer have in advance, so you won't be surprised.


Legislation and regulations

Buying a towbar is not just something that can be done without thinking. Different laws and regulations apply to the purchase of a towbar. For example, it is mandatory to keep the number plate clearly visible. If you place a towbar in front of it, you may be fined.


In addition, a maximum weight is always stated for each tow bar. You are obliged to comply with this. There are a number of other laws and regulations that you must comply with. The regulations often change, so it is highly recommended to keep a close eye on this.