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Windscreen replacement of a Pontiac Trans Sport

With the Pontiac Trans Sport, General Motors has probably made one of the most striking models ever. In case of a windscreen replacement for your Pontiac Trans Sport, you will soon notice that this design also has its disadvantages. The large windscreens of the American car manufacturer come with a price tag that is not economical. But by choosing after market automotive glass you can still replace the windscreen of your Pontiac Trans Sport at a very attractive price. But let's take a look at this special model before we return to the windscreen.

The Pontiac Trans Sport, a striking appearance since 1986

The Pontiac Trans Sport is the first model of Pontiac in the class 'light bus' or minivan. It was immediately a striking appearance when the model was shown to the public in 1986. The concept car immediately showed what the idea was. A type that had an idiosyncratic attitude and that had to be able to compete with the models of Chrysler, who did much better on the American market than the types of General Motors of which Pontiac is a part. And the name became a playful nod to 'transport'.

Large sliding doors, a built-in Nintendo entertainment system and a glass roof. The public was enthusiastic about all the features and the concept car was taken into production. Only not following the example of the concept car. The doors and the roof were replaced with cheaper options, because otherwise the model would be overpriced. GM decided to immediately put two other models on the same frame as the Pontiac Trans Sport: the Chevrolet Lumina APV and the Oldsmobile Silhouette
were placed on the same U-body.

Absolutely no success for the first generation

The concept car was well received, but the first model of the Pontiac Trans Sport was not applauded at all. Do you remember the old vacuum cleaners, the 'dustbusters' that were called crumb vacuum cleaners in the Netherlands? That became the ludicrous nickname of the Pontiac Trans Sport. Real criticism came on the large windscreen with a much weaker slope than was standard at that time. Inexperienced drivers had great difficulty orienting on the road - and the cost of replacing a Pontiac Trans Sport windscreen was particularly high at the dealers because of the enormous size of the window.

The Pontiac 'marketing machine' could not turn the tide. The Americans were not even persuaded by the commercial below:

In the fight against criticism, General Motors introduced a facelift to the market in 1994 in which many of the elements were modified. This facelift was never achieved in Europe, because the first generation was well received here. It should be noted that the types for the European market were not the same as the American models. The European Pontiac Trans Sport is equipped with other engines (because of the emission requirements in Europe) and the interior was also adapted to meet the current standard. However, the windscreen, including the slope, was identical.

The second generation: it turns out to be a car!

The second generation of the Pontiac Trans Sport shows that, in hindsight, GM still wanted to take the safe path. That's why she made a car out of the Pontiac Trans Sport again, which became much more similar to the Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager,
instead of its own predecessor, which looked more like a dustbuster or a spaceship.

The second generation of the Pontiac Trans Sport did come to Europe, but not under this name. In Europe this was the Chevrolet Venture that was sold next to the Opel Sintra. Also here it was a modified model and that became painfully clear. The Pontiac Trans Sport of the second generation got the stamp to be the least safe minibus on the market in America, where the Venture in Europe just scored well in all safety tests.

Striking fact: just over 4000 models were sold in the Netherlands. Sales in the rest of Europe were also disappointing, except in Sweden. For a long time this model was the most sold minibus on the market!

When should the windscreen of your Pontiac Trans Sport be replaced?

In case of car window damage, you are not always obliged to replace the windscreen immediately. Driving with a crack in the windscreen is possible as long as the crack is not in the driver's field of vision. Single cracks outside the driver's field of vision are also permitted according to the guidelines from the national road traffic authority.

However, if the window damage is in the driver's field of vision or if it is a branched crack, then the windscreen of your Pontiac Trans Sport needs to be replaced because safety is compromised. For example, the incidence of light is reflected in an unpredictable way by cracks and tears, which can cause the driver to be blinded while driving.

How can I replace the windscreen of a Pontiac as cheaply as possible?

Replacing a windscreen is a difficult and precise job. We never recommend a windscreen replacement yourself, unless you are a mechanic or have years of experience in replacing windscreens. However, doing a car window replacement yourself is perfectly possible when one of the side windows of the Pontiac needs to be replaced.

If you want to replace the windscreen as cheaply as possible, you can choose after market automotive glass. The large first generation windscreens are pricey when you go to the brand dealer. Brand glass is by definition more expensive due to the presence of a brand logo. The after market vehicle glass does not have a brand logo, but meets exactly the same requirements as the automotive glass that can only be sold by your brand dealer. The big difference? An after market windscreen for your Pontiac Trans Sport starts at € 329. Cheap car window replacement is done by choosing after market automotive glass.

Windscreen Pontiac Trans Sport

€ 329.00

Coated windscreen Pontiac Trans Sport

€ 599.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Cheap replacement of the windscreen of your Pontiac Trans Sport or Chevrolet Venture

If the windscreen of your Pontiac Trans Sport or Chevrolet Venture needs to be replaced, you will be much cheaper if you choose after market vehicle glass. If you want to order a windscreen without installation, you can indicate this during the ordering process. We deliver with or without installation. If desired, you can even pick up the automotive glass from us.

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