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Cheap windscreen replacement of your Land Rover Range Rover

Are you driving a Land Rover Range Rover? Then the chances are very small that you will use the full name of the car when talking about your Range Rover, because that's the name that's used. The different generations are known as Range Rover Classic, Range Rover P38 A and the L322, with of course also a hybrid version. And of course, on all models, windscreen damage can mean that the windscreen has to be replaced, which is not cheap with the Land Rover Range Rover.

Before looking at the cheapest way to replace the windscreen on the Land Rover Range Rover, let's take a closer look at this model, which has a long and, above all, special history. At least three car manufacturers have been involved in the different generations.

The first generation, a.k.a. the Range Rover Classic

The first version of the Range Rover was launched by Land Rover in 1970. The model was named Range Rover Classic and had to be a more luxurious version of the Land Rover models, which had the reputation of being workhorses without comfort or luxury. The main difference for the Range Rover models was the four-wheel drive, spiral springs and all-round disc brakes. In 1996, 26 years after its introduction, production ceased. Not because of disappointing results, but because Land Rover had already introduced the second generation of the model to the market in 1994.

The Range Rover P38A or LP

The second generation was badly needed. Range Rover should be the more luxurious line of Land Rover, but the first generation of the Range Rover clearly came on the market under the Land Rover Discovery and of course that was not possible. That's why the second generation was fitted with a modified V8 engine from Rover, more premium options and EAS (electronic air suspension) to increase comfort significantly.

Generation 3: BMW is disappointed and pulls the wallet

The third generation of the Range Rover was made under the BMW flag. And the Germans were not satisfied with the quality of the previous versions, which was simply substandard. That's why a substantial budget was set aside to further develop the technologies and to make adjustments to the model. A lot of attention was paid to the suspension, which now had five different positions, and a new gearbox (fully automatic five-speed) was added to the Range Rover L322. BMW also brought LED lighting to the Range Rover for the rear brake lights.

In 2007 a number of changes were made. New engines with less emissions, new gearboxes (again) and a dashboard that does meet the modern requirements. The standard version (HSE) of the Range Rover L322 has not become popular, the more expensive versions did sell well.

2012 (production year 2013): the third car manufacturer decides to pull the wallet for the Range Rover

In 2012 the new Range Rover, the L405, will be produced. Jaguar Land Rover is now owned by Tata,
a company that is both English and Indian - and here, too, a lot of budget is being set aside for further development. Nearly 500kg of weight is saved by using aluminium, lighter engines and other materials with a lower specific weight. The biggest change is the increased functionality of the interior by reducing the number of buttons. Thanks to its new design, this Range Rover looks more like a Range Rover Evoque than its own predecessors.

And then also hybrid, of course

Of course the next step was the hybrid version of the Range Rover. But things went wrong here, so this was never the ultimate success. First of all, the model failed in Scandinavia, because CO2 emissions are above 60 grams per kilometre, which means that the full weight of the road tax has to be paid. In addition, the purchase price is higher than that of competitors such as the Volvo XC90 T8, the Mercedes GLE 500 E and the Audi Q7 e-tron when the option packages are taken into account.

Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction from an environmental point of view. But whether this is actually enough to pay € 15,000 extra for a hybrid that can barely run for 50 kilometres on electricity and for which the combustion engine does not recharge the battery, that is just a matter of doubt. Anyway, if you have the PHEV
version of the Sport version, you can do this: (do not try this at home)

When should the windscreen of the Land Rover Range Rover be replaced?

In case of windscreen damage, the location and extent of the windscreen damage should be considered. Rejection at the car inspection is most common when the damage is in the driver's field of vision. Driving on is not allowed if this is an asterisk with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres or if there is a branched crack.

How much does it cost to replace the windscreen for a Land Rover Range Rover?

Without the right insurance, the cost of windscreen replacement can be considerable. The brand dealer only offers automotive glass with a brand logo. This logo does nothing for the car window. It only ensures that other suppliers are not allowed to sell these windows, so that dealers can charge a higher price than necessary for the car window replacement.

If you choose after market car windows, then the prices are much lower. This has to do with the lack of the brand logo in the window, which makes the costs much clearer. You can also buy a car window online: within a few minutes you have ordered a new windscreen with or without installation and you will receive it within three working days. Of course, the windscreen can be replaced on-site by our certified fitting partners.

Would you like to replace the windscreen without any deductible? We can often waive the deductible when this is up to € 150. Are you unable to use your car insurance at all because windscreen replacement is not covered? Take a look at the competitive prices for our new Land Rover Range Rover windscreens, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Replacing the windscreen of your Land Rover Range Rover directly

Do you have a Land Rover Range Rover with window damage and is it necessary to replace the window so that you can get back on the road safely? On our website you can easily find and order the right windscreen (or other car windows) for your Land Rover Range Rover. Are you a car mechanic or garage owner? Then it is good to know that you can order all windows and mounting materials from us without installation. Or without delivery, when you want to pick it up from us.

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