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Cheap windscreen replacement of your Range Rover Evoque

There aren't many car models that can be called style icons, but the Range Rover Evoque undoubtedly fits into this illustrious list. In 2011 this model was launched, with a futuristic look without abandoning the angular design of Land Rover itself. The style of the Evoque was then translated to all newer Land Rovers and Range Rovers, because it was so well received. Sales in Europe were not disappointing, the counter is far above the 375,000 and for this type that is a more than fine score. A total of 800,000 (!) units have been sold worldwide. Do you have this type and do you have car window damage? Then there is a chance that your Range Rover Evoque needs a windscreen replacement.

Before we look at the best value for money automotive glass for the Range Rover Evoque, let's look at this style icon that doesn't appeal to everyone.

The introduction of the Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque was already shown in 2008 as a concept car (LRX).
It took another three years before the car was actually launched on the market. A market in which people were eager for timeless design, a futuristic look and a market in which the SUV models were being looked at more and more critically. Yes, the Subaru Outback and Forester, the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai stood firm in the market, but these are clear compromises. The 'city jeeps' that are accepted by everyone. But who cares about that?
At the Range Rover Evoque, most people turn their heads. But as special as the look is, so standard is the basis of the car. Ford's EUCD platform
has been used for the Evoque, on which the Volvo XC60 is also built, just like the Ford S-Max. And the Terrain Response System,
which does so much for handling on rough terrain, comes from the Land Rover Discovery. In this respect, Land Rover owes a lot to Gerry McGovern,
who designed the Evoque completely and managed to turn a standard base into a striking model.

A few facts about the Range Rover Evoque:

  1. More than 375,000 copies of this model have been sold in Europe.
  2. The car is available with 150, 190 and 240 hp.
  3. This type comes with a 2.2 litre diesel or 2.0 litre petrol.
  4. The models are produced on the same line as the Land Rover Freelander.
  5. The Evoque is available with front-wheel drive or permanent four-wheel drive.
  6. Three versions have been released: Pure, Prestige and Dynamic.

The Evoque with Mild Hybdrid technology

A timeless design, a strong base with many features and a lot of power, as well as CO2 emissions of 210 grams per kilometre... The Evoque came on the market in 2011 and at that time the consumer was already aware of the climate problems. Sustainability, economy and environmental awareness: that was the new motto. The Range Rover Evoque really did not fit into any of these frameworks. The car was especially expensive (compared to its competitors), its emissions were high and the consumption of these models is by definition on the higher side.

The solution of Land Rover is striking. The new models of the second generation (from 2019) are equipped with the Mild Hybrid technology. In concrete terms, this means that the diesel or petrol engine is complemented by a strong battery. This takes over the work, but the technology is especially suitable for driving in the city and in traffic jams. Fuel consumption and emissions are therefore reduced, but the question is whether this is the right road for the Range Rover Evoque.

The direct competitors of the latest Range Rover Evoque models are the BMW X4 XDrive and the Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic. These are approximately € 10,000 cheaper than the Evoque, which means that Range Rover has put itself at a disadvantage. And Carwow also finds it difficult to determine exactly why this successor should catch on:

When should the windscreen of the Range Rover Evoque be replaced?

Car window replacement is unavoidable when windscreen damage exceeds the legal limits. When to replace a car window: this is the case when there is an asterisk or chip with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres in the windscreen or when there is a branched crack. In both cases, it is only forbidden to continue driving if the damage is in the driver's field of vision.

How can I replace the windscreen of the Evoque cheaply?

Car repairs and replacement parts cost a lot of money. Especially when it comes to a Range Rover. Despite the fact that a lively after market has developed now that more than 800,000 models of the Evoque have been sold, a visit to the garage is not cheap.

How much does a car window at your dealer cost? Chances are you will have to ask the dealer, because dealer prices are hard to find online. The prices of the brand glass are much higher than the prices on the after market and this has to do with the presence of a logo. This logo ensures that only connected dealers are allowed to sell these windows. Furthermore, the brand logo does nothing for the windscreen. However, our after market car windows are made in exactly the same factories and meet the same high standards. Only the price is much lower because we don't have to put a brand logo on it.

We already have a new windscreen for your Range Rover Evoque for € 259 (excluding delivery and installation). A new Range Rover Evoque windscreen delivered and fitted by our certified fitting partners will cost you only € 359 (within the Netherlands). Within three working days you can simply take your Evoque back to the streets safely.

Can't I just replace the windscreen myself?

Replacing a Range Rover Evoque windscreen is a job for the experts. This way you can be sure that the windscreen will be fitted correctly and will not come loose in the event of a collision and will not leak because the sealant has been applied in the wrong way.

Are you a car mechanic or garage owner? Then you can also order the new Range Rover windscreens from us without installation. If you wish, you can even come and pick them up from us in order to save even more on costs.

Replacing the windscreen of your Range Rover Evoque directly

Would you like to be able to use your Range Rover Evoque again without having to look at the annoying window damage? Then our specialist partners will replace the windscreen and carry out the installation on-site for you within three working days.

Can't find the right windscreen for your Range Rover Evoque or do you want us to assist you in finding the right product or fitting material for the automotive glass? Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you directly.