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Cheap windscreen replacement on your Land Rover Discovery

The history of the Land Rover Discovery is striking, thanks in part to the problems that Rover itself had during the period in which the generations were introduced to the market. Nevertheless, this model has become almost as popular in the Netherlands as the Evoque: of both models more than 4000 copies were sold in the Netherlands. Do you have a Discovery and do you have window damage? Then a windscreen replacement may be required for your Land Rover Discovery.

Before we go any further, we look at the tumultuous history of the generations that have been introduced to the market, starting in the late '80s.

1989: The beginning of a (not so) new line Land Rovers

In 1989 Land Rover introduced a new car to the market. However, the model was not very new. The entire chassis, the powertrains and many of the parts of the Range Rover were borrowed for Discovery. Because Land Rover didn't want to get away with it, the Discovery was only designed as a three-door, so that the Range Rover would also remain in demand. A year later the plan was cancelled and the five-door was also introduced to the market.

It is striking that the design of the Discovery was not done by Land Rover itself. This was outsourced to a design company in London, but by far not all parts made it to the final production. Nevertheless, Discovery has managed to win the British Design Award.

The first generation was fitted with a 3.5 litre V8 (the only model available in America) and a 2.5 litre turbo diesel, which was very popular in Europe because of its economy.

Second generation of the Land Rover Discovery: immediate problems

In 1998, the second generation of the model was launched on the market, as the Land Rover Discovery Series II. The idea of a longer rear for more luggage space seemed a strong step, until the overhanging rear was a problem during off-road use of the off-road vehicle. Land Rover then decided to change the suspension.

There was a facelift, but all in all the second generation remained in production for far too long. Rover knew that too, but the break-up of the company and the takeovers caused a lot of delay, which meant that the third generation had to wait for a long time.

The third generation: only in 2004

The once-strong Land Rover Discovery had become living history. Almost literally, because the chassis had been almost unchanged since 1970 and many of the parts used in the introduction model, 25 years ago, were still used in the new models.

After the takeover by Ford, the third generation came onto the market in 2004. But this is not really a third generation. The car was completely redesigned and built, without using the two predecessors. With this the image had to be refreshed and that was largely achieved, partly by marketing Discovery 3 as 'LR3' in the United States, where Discovery had become an ugly word.

Everything was tackled. New engines (from Ford and Jaguar), new exterior and interior and many more technical gadgets, such as the Terrain Response System, which would also be used in the Range Rover Evoque not much later. And the biggest stunt was due to Top Gear, where Clarkson
(about the worst off-road driver in the world) decided to climb Mount Cnoc an Fhreiceadain.
With the Discovery. If that worked out, you can see it below if you have some time:

The success of the Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is a unique model with a distinct history. Initially the model had to counteract the Japanese competition that wanted to gain a market share in the European market. But because of the developments, the model could soon compete with larger competitors and the types were often placed next to the Volvo XC90, the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5. However, the internal problems at Land Rover have slowed down its popularity, especially by coming too late with a third generation, which meant that people had to switch to one of its competitors. Since 1997 more than 350.000 copies have been sold in Europe, but this could have been much more if Land Rover had spent more work on the models, generations and upgrades.

When should the windscreen of a Land Rover Discovery be replaced?

The windscreen of the Land Rover Discovery must be replaced if there is any glass damage in the driver's field of vision and this:

  • An asterisk or chip is with a diameter greater than 20 millimetres
  • A branched crack is

Not only does this not allow the car to pass the MOT inspection, it is not permitted by law to continue driving because your car does not meet the requirements. The windscreen must then be replaced.

What does the cheapest windscreen for the Discovery cost?

Car parts for Land Rover are expensive. The windscreens that the Land Rover dealer has in front of you also come with a considerable price tag. This has to do with the brand that is used in the window. This logo does nothing for the automotive glass by the way, it only ensures that only the Land Rover dealer is allowed to sell the automotive glass - and that exclusivity is paid for by you.

Unless you choose the cheap car windows on the after market. These car windows are made in the same way, in the factories where the brand windows for Land Rover are also manufactured. But because the brand logo is missing, we can offer these windscreens from as little as € 139. This green tinted windscreen for the first generation comes at € 239 including delivery and installation by a specialist within three working days where you want. With our on-site car window replacement service, you can simply have the new windscreen of your Land Rover Discovery fitted while you're at work or getting groceries for the weekend at the mall.

Can I replace the windscreen of my Land Rover Discovery myself?

Replacing the windscreen of a Land Rover Discovery is the work of an automotive glass expert. If the windscreen is not fitted correctly, it can come loose in the event of a collision, compromising the safety of the occupants. In addition, a windscreen can leak if the sealant is not applied correctly. All our windscreens are installed by our certified fitting partners so that they are positioned accurately and in the right way.

Have the windscreen replaced directly of your Land Rover Discovery

Do you have a Land Rover Discovery with window damage and you are not allowed to continue or do you no longer want to look at that ugly crack or asterisk while driving? Through our website you can easily select the right windscreen for your Land Rover Discovery. Are you a car mechanic or do you have a lot of experience with windscreen replacement? Then you can order the windscreen without installation. If you have little or no experience with replacing automotive glass, we will ensure that the new windscreen is fitted in your Discovery in the best possible way.

Can't find the right windscreen or do you have questions about one of our products or services? Please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can directly look for the right option for your off-road vehicle.