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Cheap windscreen replacement for your Land Rover Freelander

The Land Rover Freelander is a car designed to work for you. A strong engine and a powertrain that automatically switches to four-wheel drive when the front-wheel drive is no longer sufficient. But for speed, the Freelander is the wrong car to choose. Yet this model is the best-selling Land Rover in the Netherlands and that is not surprising, because the status and power of this car are unapproachable.

Have you asked too much of your Land Rover Freelander and do you have car window damage in the windscreen? Then the size and location determine whether a windscreen replacement is necessary. But before we go any further, we'll look at this particular model that has made the hearts of many car enthusiasts beat faster.

The super-SUV of Land Rover

The Land Rover Freelander was first introduced to the market in 1997. Immediately it became clear that the focus was on power, strength and reliability. The turbo diesel is very strong, but the car isn't fast at all. That is not necessary. This is a car that can be used next to the road, or on very moderate roads with a trailer. Because the towbar is of course standard on the Land Rover Freelander.

Four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive? That's not necessary, because thanks to the viscous clutch
this model has both. You drive with front-wheel drive as standard, until the front wheels no longer have any grip. The Land Rover then automatically switches to four-wheel drive, where up to half of the total engine power can be put into the rear axle.

The first generation of these tractor-in-SUV clothes got an update in 2003, where the car mainly got rounder shapes and technical adjustments were made.

The second generation in 2006

The first generation was well received, but the crash tests
left much to be desired. Therefore the second generation was built on a different platform. The EUCD platform
was chosen (known from the Ford Mondeo, Volvo V70 and Volvo XC60, among others). In contrast to the first generation, the new version had an active four-wheel drive and no longer a passive system. Once again the choice was made for power and strength: the 2.2 litre TD4 engine delivers 'only' 152 hp, but with over 400 Nm of torque. The petrol engine has become a compromise. The 6-cylinder 3.2 litre engine delivers 233 hp with a sloppy 315 Nm torque. Still more than enough to tow a fully loaded trailer through a muddy meadow of course.

Funny fact: the mechanism for opening the bonnet is not on the driver's side, but on the passenger's side. Land Rover hasn't adapted this for the 'small part of the world' in which people drive on the right, in contrast to the British.

The Land Rover Freelander is especially spacious. In the front you have enough room to sit, people with longer legs don't sit with their knees in the neck on the back seat and there is also almost 600 litres of luggage space.

The success of the Land Rover Freelander

The Land Rover Freelander has been in production from 1997 to 2014. The success of this type is hard to overestimate. Only of the first generation more than half a million models were sold in Europe. Also in the Netherlands this type is number one for Land Rover with more than 7000 copies sold. And all in all this is a special achievement for an off-roader that is not at all optimal in an infrastructure full of A and N roads. Although this unofficial advertisement has a great solution for that, because with a detour you can get there too, right?

When should the windscreen of the Land Rover Freelander be replaced?

No matter how strong the Land Rover Freelander may be, glass remains glass and windscreens can break. Before you decide to continue with a crack in the windscreen, it's a good idea to check whether the car window damage is still permitted by law. You are not allowed to continue when the window damage is in the field of vision of the driver and this is a star or chip with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres. You are also not allowed to continue driving if there is a branched crack in the driver's field of vision.

However, you may continue to drive when there is less damage to your windscreen. Keep in mind, however, that the window can tear further if there are large temperature differences, such as driving with the heating on in the winter or driving with the air conditioning on in the summer months.

Replacing the windscreen of the Land Rover Freelander yourself

Saving money by replacing the car window yourself is not a good idea when it comes to the windscreen. It has to be fitted in the right way so that it doesn't come loose in case of an accident. There are better ways to save money when looking for a new Land Rover Freelander windscreen.

Have you already inquired about the cost of a new windscreen at your dealer and then searched online? The dealer has high prices for replacing the windscreen. This has to do with the brand logo in the windscreen. This brand logo does nothing for the windscreen, but ensures that other suppliers are not allowed to sell this automotive glass. This way, your dealer can earn the most from his customers.

Our windscreens do not have a brand logo. Furthermore, they are identical to the brand windows. They meet the same requirements and are produced in exactly the same way. But without the brand logo, the price is considerably lower. At the after market you already have a new windscreen for your Land Rover Freelander for € 179 (excluding installation and delivery). For an additional € 100, we will deliver the windscreen and it will be fitted on location by an certified fitting partner within three working days.


Year of construction


Windscreen for the Land Rover Freelander

from 2006 to 2014

€ 279.00

Windscreen for the Land Rover Freelander

from 1997 to 2006

€ 179.00

Windscreen for the Land Rover Freelander with heating

from 1997 to 2006

€ 359.00

Optional fitting on-site


€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Replace the windscreen of your Land Rover Freelander directly

Do you finally want to get rid of the window damage in your Land Rover Freelander and is it time to replace the windscreen? On our website you can easily select the right windscreen. After that you indicate whether you want the windscreen with or without fitting. You can also choose to pick up the windscreen from us.

Can't find what you're looking for or do you have questions about the right automotive glass for your Land Rover Freelander? Please contact us via the contact page. We will be happy to help you personally.