Damage to the car after parking near an airport?

Damage to the car after parking near an airport?

The summer holiday is approaching again and this year again many Dutch people will leave for sunny destinations. People who choose to go on holiday by plane can be brought to the airport, or park their car here. Often these holidaymakers have to park near a parking place for a long time, something that used to be a lot more expensive than nowadays.

How does the parking service provide parking areas?

More and more people are aware of the phenomenon of 'Valet Parking'. Valet Parking is a huge car park, which is a short distance from the airport. You drive to the terminal yourself and then hand over your car to the Valet Parking staff. They drive the car to a parking lot nearby.


Some parking lots have more to offer than just parking. The companies behind the parking lots often have a shuttle service, this service makes it possible to be taken from the terrain to the airport and vice versa. Some Shuttle Parking companies even take you to a hotel or restaurant, the service is getting more and more extensive. For an average price of 50 euros per week it is therefore understandable that this is very popular with holidaymakers.


Check for damage in advance

When handing over the car to a parking company, it is always wise to check the car thoroughly for any damage. If necessary, make a video of your car so that you have proof of when new damage has occurred. A Valet Parking or Shuttle Parking company will do the same. They do this with the aim of combating fraudsters who believe that the parking service has caused damage.



What damage is the manager of a car park liable for?

A company that runs a parking service is only liable for the damage that occurs during the journey that the staff make to get from the airport to the parking lot. However, this does not apply to damage that occurs on the parking lot itself. When a car is parked, the manager of the parking lot is not responsible for any damage caused. Car owners with a third party, fire and theft insurance coverage (WA+) or a comprehensive insurance (all-risk) do receive compensation for any damage.


Liability in the worst case scenario

Unfortunately, the manager of the parking lot can never guarantee that nothing will happen to your car, so it is always wise to be prepared for the most annoying scenario possible. When you return from the holiday and your car turns out to be stolen on the parking lot, you can not hold the administrator liable. In most cases, with a third party, fire and theft insurance coverage (WA+) or a comprehensive insurance (all-risk) you are back in good condition. With one of these insurances there is a good chance that you will get compensation for the damage you have suffered.


What precautions can you take?

Now that you know what risks you run when parking your car in a parking lot near the airport, it is important to take precautionary measures. For a relaxing holiday it is important to remove any uncertainties. For example, you can take out good car insurance so that all possible damage is compensated.


A second tip is to get all the things of value out of the car. When a thief suspects that there is something to get in your car, chances are that he will hit a side window to steal your belongings. So do not raise the suspicion that there is something to be gained. Of course, the administrators of the parking lot try to prevent theft as fiercely as possible.


What is the actual risk of damage?

The risk of damage by parking near an airport is relatively small. We have heard some cases of someone getting their car back with damage. However, here we still have doubts about the truth. In the past, a number of fraudsters have claimed that they had their car damaged back. This trick is regularly used by people who want to take advantage of the relatively young age of the employees of a Valet Parking area. Of course you can choose the Shuttle Parking service so that no one drives into your car.


You can also take good insurance to go on holiday with peace of mind. By taking all the stuff with you, burglars won't be able to quickly choose your car to search.